The couple that denies together doesn’t necessary stay together

It’s official. Anti-vaxxer celebs Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have split up. I don’t know the details but I really hope it’s because Jim has come to his senses, realized Jenny’s a nutjob, and has forsaken the anti-vax movement. I want to believe this because I always liked Jim Carrey and I really, really want to like him again. It’s been hard enough watching movies I love that he stars in and I haven’t been able to watch any new Jim Carrey films since finding out his affiliation with the anti-vaxxer movement.

I particularly like The Superficial‘s vision of how the breakup happened:

I can only assume this has everything to do with Jenny McCarthy being completely shot down by the medical community only to continuing claiming a Playboy Bunny cracked the mystery of autism. Which has to get annoying.JIM: Honey, I’m pretty sure a gunshot wound to the pancreas won’t cure my migraine.

Sincere apologies to Jim Carrey for making him relive that conversation. That must’ve been difficult.

Yeah, I hope that’s how it went down. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.


One Response to The couple that denies together doesn’t necessary stay together

  1. Mandi says:

    Thank you for speaking my thoughts regarding this. There are few celebs that I actually can tolerate and Jim is one of them. I couldnt’ agree with you more.


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