Jenny McCarthy learns that karma’s a bitch

This has not been a good period for Jenny McCarthy. In fact, one article suggests “Jenny McCarthy has had the worst two months of her life.” Why? Within the past two months she has lost the school she helped found for autistic children, Teach2Talk Academy, and lost her boyfriend of five years. It’s unknown at this time why she and Jim Carrey split up but the reason the school went bust was because of strong disagreements she had with her co-founderDr. Sarah Scheflen:

“Jenny and her partner at the Academy, Sarah Scheflen, had different visions for the school and made a decision to go their separate ways.”

Is Scheflen not on board with Jenny’s vaccine-injury unifying theory of all evil? It’s not clear but while I don’t know what kind of programs went on at that school, I’m confident that if Jenny had a large amount of involvement in it, its closing is almost certainly a good thing.

Of the school, Jenny had previously said:

“I’m proud to say [Teach2Talk Academy] is an absolute success in terms of the amount of progress children with autism are making. We do have a goal to open more schools around the country. If I had Bill Gates‘ money, I would have them in every state.”

Well it’s a good thing that Gates has that money instead of Jenny because Gates knows how to spend it wisely, on vaccines and vaccine research. Whereas Jenny’s little school has a more, shall we say, interesting way of spending money:

As of today, the Teach2Talk website was still selling its self-branded line of educational materials, including DVDs and nutritional supplements.

Yes, nutritional supplements! Of course! That makes perfect sense because no reputable medical study has ever shown they benefit autistics at all and the studies that have been done on supplement treatments have shown positive evidence that they don’t work.

“I don’t know who broke up with whom, but I know that for a little bit before the school fell apart Jim was going to possibly buy out Jenny’s partner so the school would be all Jenny’s. Then, next thing I heard, [Jenny] was moving out [from Carrey’s house],” an insider told us about the couple’s April 4 split . “Jenny McCarthy has had…the worst two months of her life. Her school and her man all vanished in about 60 days.”

Of course you’ve got to take this last quote with a grain of salt. Not that one has any reason to doubt the testimony of the famously reliable “an insider.”

But I can’t help but think the real tragedy of Meinhardt Raabe’s death the other day is that he won’t be able to pronounce the death of this Wicked Witch of Woo:


2 Responses to Jenny McCarthy learns that karma’s a bitch

  1. Your lying propaganda laden diatribe concerning immuunizations triggering autism and against supplements for autism treatment are obviously not based in science. There is scientific evidence through an epidemiologic study done by the national institutes of health of that immunizations increase the risk of autism by 3 to 4 time in infant boys immunized at birth with the Hepatitis B vaccine. There are plenty of studies also that indicate that vitamins do make a significant difference and these can also be found on pub med. It is sad that comments like yours dissuade parents from trying therapies that could save their children’s lives and from not over-vaccinating their children (24 vaccines before the age of 2) that could ruin their child’s life. The first rule in medicine is do no harm – this has been violated to an incredible degree by mainstream medicine and big pharmaceuticals whose procedures and prescription drugs are amongst the leading causes of death in the U.S. You’ve got some karma that ‘s going to come back and bite when you or a friend or family member or close friend end up with a child within the autism spectrum (the odds are in favor it based on the current epidemic incidence of autism). I also happen to not be overly fond Jenny McCarthy but not for saying vaccines trigger autism.

    • mjr256 says:

      Not a single sentence in your comment is true. That’s impressive. The vaccine/autism hypothesis is as debunked as flat-eartherism. This is why no reputable health organization on planet Earth agrees with you. Likewise, there are no known chemical or medical therapies for autism, and no reputable health organization endorses any. You have clearly been very misinformed, and I recommend you seek reputable sources for your information rather than from fringe authorities on the internet.

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