Age of Autism takes a sledge hammer to all decency

You know, last Thanksgiving when Age of Autism posted that incredibly disgusting picture that angered so many even in their own base that they later removed it from their site, I thought they couldn’t go any lower.

I was so fuckin’ wrong!

This isn’t like when we all thought they were exploiting Desiree Jennings (who as it turned out was exploiting them). To call this piece of garbage website sick, shameless, deplorable, disgusting, or an affront to human decency would be an insult to anyone guilty of any of that behavior.

If anyone holds any doubts that these people are psychotic and deranged, from now on I’ll send them to that page.

Do these assholes really give a shit about children? Do they?

Where was their outrage over all the children injured from NOT vaccinating?

“Measles Outbreak Triggered by Unvaccinated Child” by By Serena Gordon Website dedicated to Dana Elizabeth McCaffery who died at the age of 4 weeks from Whooping cough (Pertussis), a totally vaccine preventable disease
USA Today – Missed vaccines weaken ‘herd immunity’ in children By Liz Szabo
“The Worst Ideas of the Decade: Vaccine scares” by Clive Thompson
“A Pox on You: My son has cancer. He can’t go into day care because of unvaccinated children.” By Stephanie Tatel
“The price of anti-vaccine fanaticism: Case histories” by David Gorski
What’s the harm in vaccine denial?
“Herd Immunity” by Mark Crislip
“Where’s the outrage?” by John Snyder
“The price of anti-vaccine fanaticism, part 3” by Orac
“Pockets of Vaccine Noncompliance in California” by Steve Novella
California schools’ risks rise as vaccinations drop
Jenny McCarthy calls millions of potential measles casualties acceptable losses in her crusade
“Who Doesn’t Vaccinate?” by Chris Mooney
In Wales: “Measles outbreak ‘worst in years’
Study: “Parental Refusal of Pertussis Vaccination Is Associated With an Increased Risk of Pertussis Infection in Children”
Guardian: “MMR jab should be compulsory for all children starting school, expert says” by Jessica Shepherd
“MEASLES: A dangerous illness” by Roald Dahl (Yes, that Roald Dahl)
“Rare Hib disease increases in Minnesota: Is the anti-vaccine movement to blame?” by Erin Carlyle
“The Power of Words: A Commentary on the Delayed Vaccine Schedule” by Steve Perry
New Zealand measles rate 7-times higher in 2009 because of low immunization rates
“Refusing vaccines puts kids at risk: autism expert”
The Guardian – “Half of all pregnant women will refuse swine flu jab, poll reveals” by Sarah Boseley
What Would Happen If We Stopped Vaccinations?
“CDC: 76 children dead of swine flu as cases rise” By MIKE STOBBE
“U. researchers discover another genetic link to autism”
“Measles outbreak in Dublin, 2000”
“Pertussis returns in states with lax vaccination laws” by Orac
“Blood Mercury Concentrations in CHARGE Study Children with and without Autism”
Wired Magazine – “An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endangers Us All” By Amy Wallace
“Old-fashioned mumps make comeback in Borough Park; 57 confirmed cases” BY Helen Kennedy
“Autism proceedings: End of Story” By Jonathan Rabinovitz
Science News – “From the infectious diseases meeting: What’s with the vaccine-o-phobia?” By Nathan Seppa
“IACC Statement on Autism Research” By Steven Novella
“Measles” by Mark Crislip
“Mumps cases reach 152 in Monsey area as part of large U.S. outbreak” By Jane Lerner
“More evidence that anti-vaccine beliefs kill” By Orac
How Anti-Vaccine ‘Science’ Holds Back Credible Research
Chicago Tribune – “OSR#1: Industrial chemical or autism treatment?” By Trine Tsouderos
“Measles outbreak in German caused by anti-vaccinationists” by Kristjan Wager
“Measles Resurgence Tied To Parents’ Vaccine Fears” by Richard Knox
“Religious antivax sect implicated in deaths of 100 children” by Phil Plait
“British Boy Dies After Chelation Therapy for Autism” By Katrina Woznicki
“Outbreaks” by Mark Crislip

No, they don’t care about any of that. No, they don’t care. They don’t care about children. They don’t care about suffering or injury.

All they care about is promoting fear, doubt, and confusing about vaccines. And as the website linked to above illustrates, there are no depths they won’t sink to in order to in order to demonize vaccines.

One Response to Age of Autism takes a sledge hammer to all decency

  1. haveityourwayautie says:

    With you on the anti-vaccine craze. If vaccines were cause, all kids would be autistic. AUtism is much more than vaccine damage. it’s genetic. and
    OMG has anyone seen this? It’s like Bruno Bettleheim all over again.…..rints.html

    The Image of the Mother’s Eye: Autism and Early Narcissistic Injury

    Maxson J. McDowell, Ph.D.

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