News From Around The Blogosphere 4.13.10

1. Malta’s mayor afraid to show Pope city’s giant phallus – C’mon, the Pope wasn’t embarrassed by half a million children raped by his employees. So why would this bother him?

2. Inkjet-like device ‘prints’ skin cells over burns – Once again, as Carl Sagan said, “science delivers the goods.”

Inspired by a standard office inkjet printer, U.S. researchers have rigged up a device that can spray skin cells directly onto burn victims, quickly protecting and healing their wounds as an alternative to skin grafts.

How cool is that?

3. Constance McMillen named Grand Marshal of NYC 2010 Gay Pride Parade – The Gay Pride Parade is by far my favorite NYC parade. Many prefer the Halloween parade but I have more fun just wandering The Village as NYC treats Halloween like everyone else treats Christmas. But it’s just great being a part of a parade thats very existence is an affront to those whom despise. Congrats Constance. Hope to see you there.

4. Moscow, Idaho gets an American Humanist Assocation billboard


One Response to News From Around The Blogosphere 4.13.10

  1. Joel says:

    If the Poop persists in his visit to Malta… Perch him on top of the GIANT penis and force it up his ass! He’s very familiar with dicks in asses! In fact he approves of it……… We need to make this Pedophile piece of shit, Pope a prisoner in his fortress, the Vatican’t.

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