News From Around The Blogosphere 4.18.10

1. Age of Autism blows another irony circuit – Quite predictably, AoA proves they’re willing to say another to discredit science journalist Brian Deer’s latest report in a blog they titled, “Journalist with No Medical Training Solves Mystery of Enterocolitis!” Yes, cause if it’s one thing AoA can’t stand, it’s non-experts weighing in on science.

2. What claims about Tom Cruise does $cientology declare ‘demonstrably false’ – According to $cientology, the following is not true:  that Tom Cruise has a ‘drug history’, that his ‘drug history’ was excuse given to keep him out of the Sea Org (right, because they weren’t just using him for his celebrity), that Cruise was “given an ultimatum to choose between Scientology and Nicole Kidman” (Although Jason Lee’s ex-wife is convince Scientology had something to do with their divorce.), that “a Scientologist handling Mr. Cruise’s finances was punished for losing him money”, and that Cruise’s household staff is selected and paid by Scientology. Now remember. According to $cientology, these are claims that are NOT true.

3. Saskatoon Freethinkers (in Saskatchewan, Canada) protest ‘psychic’ Sylvia Browne – They also circulated a handout some of Sylvia’s biggest missing persons failures such as her inability to come up with accurate information about Opal Jennings, Sean Hornbeck, Richard Kneebone, and Holly Krewson. The handout also stated:

In fact there are NO cases where Sylvia’s psychic insight has proven to be useful or correct.  Valuable police resources have been wasted and precious time has been lost.  When Sylvia assured a family that their daughter was alive when she was actually dead, and told another family their son was dead when he was still alive, this only magnified the grief of a family in a terrible situation.  In light of these failures – when psychic insight would have mattered the most – we must conclude that Sylvia is a cold reader and not a psychic.


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