Debunking Mike Adams’ 10 Biggest Lies About Healthcare in America

Mike Adams laughing at his victims

Mike Adams belongs in jail. Either that or in a mental institution. His propaganda does direct harm to those who read it and are fooled into thinking he’s a medical expert when he isn’t. How he can get away with his claims without it being considering practicing medicine without a license is beyond me. A few decades ago, his activities would have been considered medical fraud. And yet today, this merchant of death is allowed to get away with deceiving the public about the efficacy of medical science. It’s simply criminal.

Now Mike Adams has produced a list of supposed lies about medical healthcare, all of which instead expose his own lies.

So let’s go through them:

“Lie #1) Vaccines make you healthy”

Nobody makes this claim. If fact, right off the bat the writer of this list exposes either their complete ignorance of medical science or their complete contempt for their readers by flat-out lying to them. Vaccines are the safest and best PREVENTATIVE TREATMENT and cannot help anyone who already is infected with the virus the vaccine was intended to prevent.

“Lie #2) Pharmaceuticals prevent disease”

This is nothing short of a scientific fact brought about by over a 100 years of clinical research. In other words, this is just a refusal to accept reality itself. The author might as well claim the Holocaust never happened either while they’re at it.

“Lie #3) Doctors are experts in health”

This is the tactic of every denialist. Because their claims can’t be backed up with any evidence, they have no choice but to attack the very notion of expertise at all in an attempt to lower everyone else to their pathetically poor standards. The fact is that no so-called “alternative” “medicine” has been proven to work under a proper standard of measurement (if it did, there’d be nothing “alternative” about it), so their REAL agenda is to lower the standards of evidence to allow any unproven “remedy” to be called medicine. It’s no different than when creationists try to lower the standards of science to allow “intelligent design” or when Holocaust deniers try to lower the standards of historical research to allow for their particular brand of historical revisionism. The author of this list, Mike Adams, has no medical background of any kind and is apparently insecure about it, so he’s invented an imaginary expertise in medicine and is insisting everyone with real credentials have no qualifications even millions have been saved using real medicine while Adam’s methods have never proven to save a single life ever.

“Lie #4) You have no role in your own healing”

Again, nobody makes this claim. Doctors happily encourage patients to engage in healthy diet and exercise as this my help prevent countless health problems such as heart disease and some cancers, etc. However, no amount of diet and exercise will prevent all cancer and certainly none of it can cure your cancer once you have it. It’s a complete fantasy of the delusional that the human body is capable of fighting off all disease on its own unaided by medical science.

“Lie #5) Disease is a matter of bad luck or bad genes”

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Bad genes are a major component to countless diseases and disorders from cancers, diabetes, and autism. While other diseases are largely the result of catching a virus just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course luck isn’t the only factor here. Nobody in the U.S. is likely to catch polio for instance for a good reason. Thanks for strong vaccination campaigns, polio has been completely eradicated from all but about 5 countries in the world. Also using condoms, for instance is an effective way to prevent STDs.  Sadly, delusional fools like Mike Adams flat-out refuse to accept Germ Theory and think they can treat people with their voodoo medicines. They can’t.

“Lie #6) Screening equals prevention”

Once again, nobody makes this claim. Screening certainly benefits prevention for reasons that should be common sense to everyone above the age of 4. The sooner you catch a problem before it get worse, the better. But no, screening to find a problem itself is not itself preventing the problem and nobody would claim otherwise. That’s just asshole dumb.

“Lie #7) Health insurance will keep you healthy”

Once again, nobody claims this to begin with. Sensing a pattern here? No, the mere fact that one has health insurance does not guarantee health because that’s simply ridiculous. Unfortunately, nothing Mike Adams would have you believe does keep you healthy has actually ever proven to do so under proper clinical testing. But of course, like any denialist, Mike tries to dodge the lack of validity for his own claims by focusing his efforts on a smear campaign against whatever aspect of reality he’s competing against.

“Lie #8) Hospitals are places of health and healing”

Here, Mike Adams commits a “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” fallacy by exploiting a sad fact that many people unfortunately do die in hospitals due to infection brought on by a failure of medical personnel to maintain sanitary conditions. The system is far from perfect and unfortunately mistakes are made that lead to patient death. Mike Adams might learn something about this if he ever decided to actually study. But he doesn’t practice medicine, nor can he by law. Again, this is just a smear campaign against his competition because he is not prepared now or ever to present hard data that shows that he can legitimately treat anyone. Are there problems with the current hospital system? Sure. Does that mean the best solution is to throw out that system entirely? No. The best solution is to simply work towards improving the system we have, not to start treating patients with voodoo.

“Lie #9) Conventional medicine is “advanced” state-of-the-art medicine”

This is really just meaningless rhetoric designed to create the illusion that science-based medicine is somehow either arrogant or prone to using meaningless marketing slogans. Adams puts those terms in quotes as if these are buzz words used by physicians. But has anyone ever heard a physician call their treatments “state of the art”? This is pure silliness. Adams directly says here that Germ Theory is “outdated.” Really Mike? Fucking prove it, asshole! Germ Theory has over a hundred years of clinical studies backing it up. It’s as proven as gravity and evolution. Maybe we should start calling Mike Adams the Bananaman of medicine.

“Lie #10) More research is needed to find “cures” ”

Here, Adams says, “This lie is especially hilarious because western medicine does not believe in any “cure” for any disease.” Bullshit. First of all, there’s no such thing as “western medicine.” This is a fiction invented by quacks like Adams to create a non-existent dichotomy. The real dichotomy here is between proven science-based medicine and quackery. Second of all, countless patients have been cured of countless diseases using medical science. Most people in fact know people who have personally been cured of some form of cancer using medical science. What medical science does not do, however, is typically promise positive outcomes for diseases because the existence of unforeseen factors prevents treatments from working 100% of the time. This is still better than Mike’s “alternative” treatments that prove effective 0% of the time.


13 Responses to Debunking Mike Adams’ 10 Biggest Lies About Healthcare in America

  1. andy says:

    That was a great article. The amount of my well-meaning friends who post his jibberish on facebook is just staggering. Scientific and logical literacy is just invisible for some reason

  2. Ron says:

    What make you an expert. Just because you went to college you are qualified? I am a pharmacist and I read Mike Adams newsletters. Yes some of his stuff is extreme, but most of the time he is right on the money criticizing the medical establishment and their cosy relationship with the FDA. We spend #2 in the world per capita on healthcare, yet rank 24th in the world according to the WHO. I applaud Mike Adams for standing up and speaking out about the crazy thing you call health care in this country.

    • mjr256 says:

      Never claimed I was an expert, nor did I claim that because I went to college, I’m qualified. What makes Mike Adams an expert? Just because he has a website, he is qualified?

      “Yes some of his stuff is extreme, but most of the time he is right on the money criticizing the medical establishment and their cosy relationship with the FDA. ”

      All of it is extreme and all of it is dead wrong on every possible level. And one doesn’t need to be an expert to realize that. All one needs is the ability to fact-check with reputable sources, as in REAL experts. And if Adams has evidence that an unhealthy relationship exists that creates a conflict of interest, then he should bring it to court. Otherwise, I cannot possibly take him seriously.

      “We spend #2 in the world per capita on healthcare,”

      Thank god. If only we could take money out of our military budget and spend even MORE money on healthcare. I have to applaud you though. Few people have the courage to take the “stop spending money on saving lives and let ’em die” position.” That takes balls.

      “applaud Mike Adams for standing up and speaking out about the crazy thing you call health care in this country.”

      And I applaud your amazing capacity for self-deception.

  3. sparkling supernova says:

    thanks. natural news reminds me of the national enquirer. thanks for firing some logic bullets at it and mike adams.

  4. Diane Kelley says:

    Because of NaturalNews, I found out that the Cipro that my daughter’s doctor kept giving her for urinary tract infections was making her worse. She had exactly the symptoms talked about in the article and I could not figure out what caused them. Overuse of antibiotics is a genuine problem. Do some fact-checking with your “reputable sources” on that! (Try the FDA’s own website about the dangers of Cipro!)

    Because of NaturalNews I discovered powdered d-Mannose, the ingredient in cranberries that makes it good for urinary tract infections. This so-called “alternative” treatment cured her u.t.i in 3 days with no antibiotics and she has not had a recurrence.

    I also applaud Mike Adams for standing up to the medical establishment and the corrupt FDA. If you think some of his stuff is extreme, feel free to research it yourself to separate fact from fiction. You might actually learn something. With your attitude that might be helpful.

    • mjr256 says:

      I see you didn’t even try to defend the specific Adams lies posted above, so I’ll take that as a sign that you’re not stupid. As for this Cipro thing, am I to understand from your comment that you’re giving Adams, who has no medical credentials of any kind, credit for just repeating information you claim is already available on the FDA’s website? So you’re celebrating him for “standing up to the medical establishment” by pointing to a rare instance where he’s in agreement with “the medical establishment” because it happens to be an instance where the FDA says something he can profit off of?

      Congratulations. He’s still just a completely unqualified vitamin salesman who says lots of factual untrue things (see above) to make money. He still doesn’t pass Go and still doesn’t collect $200.

  5. Dakota says:

    I think you should be the one in jail, not Mike Adams! I applaud Mike Adams for standing up to the establishment, it takes a tremendous amount of courage.

    • mjr256 says:

      I can see you didn’t even bother rebutting any of his ten deadly lies I’ve posted. I’ll take that to mean you have no refutation, which is I guess why you resorted to something as childish as the “I know you are but what is he” response. I’ve clearly demonstrated that Adams employs dangerous lies about science-based medicine (his commercial rivals) in order to sell his own products. That’s not courage; that’s despicable. If you want to make an actual argument, I’m happy to respond to it, but one more ad hominem attack and you’re gone.

  6. Tyler MacDermott says:

    Thanks for posting this, I made the stomach churning mistake of clicking on a “Facebook Link”. I got through about 15 seconds of the, “Fluoride Deception” to where he’s talking about Sodium Fluoride being bad (which in high doses it is, Pure Fluoride on the skin would ruin whats left of your short life.) But his reasoning was that its bad because it’s made by combining two other bad Chemicals Hexaflourosilicic Acid and Sodium Silicofluoride.

    I can think of a quite a few other bad chemicals that one can combine. For instance Sodium (Highly reactive and would be disastrous to ingest) and Chlorine (Elemental chlorine is extremely dangerous and poisonous for all lifeforms.) But when we combine them we get NaCl or salt, something which is necessary for the survival of all animals.

    Anyways before I get too off topic, I got the quack vibe and I knew that I could not be alone in this. For all those people out there I will say what so many other have said, “Just because it is written, and just because it is on the internet does not make it true. One must always consider the source.”

    And if you still refuse to believe the truth, well I have this rich uncle that died in some far off country. His money is tied up in courts and if you would be willing to loan me obscene amounts of money, to fight the legal battle, I would be willing to share his wealth with you.

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  9. Boyer says:

    The fruit loops may swarm at this, but thanks for dispensing with this Mike Adams. Maybe you could also tackle his absurd claim that our president has “nullified the bill of rights” by signing the national defense act. People like Adams seem unaware that presidents don’t introduce legislation; members of congress do. I think the vote was 93-7. Like the Patriot Act doesn’t already accomplish that (Bush was a pioneer, eh?).

  10. […] heroes of the March Against Monsanto movement such as “The Food Babe” Vani Hari, “The Food Ranger” Mike Adams, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and “Dr.” Joseph Mercola intentionally muddy the waters in order to […]

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