Gary Null gets a taste of his own bad medicine

With my products, you'll be pissing blood in no time!

Gary Null, who’s been described on as “one of the nation’s leading promoters of dubious treatment for serious disease, ” has overdosed on his own shitty health product. He’s literally had a taste of his own medicine and it didn’t agree with him.

He’s now suing the manufacturer of his own product, a product that literally has his name on it because taking Gary Null’s Ultimate Power Meal led to a Vitamin D overdose from the supplements it contained.

The buff “Joy of Juicing” author, whose products include Red Stuff Powder and Gary Null’s Heavenly Hair Cleaner, claims he suffered kidney damage and was left bloodied and in intense pain from two daily servings of the supplement.

“Null continued to take the Ultimate Power Meal, all the while thinking that it would help him, and relieve his condition; instead, it made him worse,” the suit says.

No, seriously. He really has products called Red Stuff Powder and Gary Null’s Heavenly Hair Cleaner, and people never suspected they were buying potentially dangerous crap. Of course, it will be fun to see how this all plays out because just about every quack on Earth touts the miraculous healing properties of Vitamin D. It’s been said to cure everything from AIDS to cancer to autism.

Well what can I say? It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving individual. Of course Null’s claiming that the manufacturer botched the supplements, and so he’s filed a suit in Manhattan Supreme Court against the manufacturer, Triarco Industries.

“Null would later be told that if he had not flown back to New York and seen his doctor, then he could have died within a short period of time,” the suit says.

The suit says Null, 65, is still suffering the effects of too much Vitamin D.
. . .
“Even now, Null’s condition is questionable as he continues to occasionally urinate blood,” the suit says.
Well at least there’s that to smile about. Also, a bunch of people have declared that they’d never buy any of Null’s shitty quack products again:
“Null, in the midst of all this, while he was suffering in bed, had dozens of his customers calling him, along with condemning and threatening him,” the suit says. “In fact, they threatened that they would never buy any product of his ever again.”
That may be the single best decision they ever make.

19 Responses to Gary Null gets a taste of his own bad medicine

  1. Boru says:

    You might be able to make a feeble case that Null made a poor judgement in hiring a contractor, who hired the sub-contractor, Triarco.

    But other than that, Null’s formula, intentions, and actions were impressive.

    Did he purposely formulate in too much Vitamin D? No.

    Did he make the mistake that led to too much Vitamin D? No.

    Is Gary Null the first person who has hired a sub-contractor that made a mistake? GOD NO! Every day we learn about some company who is pulling products off the market.

    So how did Gary Null handle the situation? He immediately pulled the product off the market…spoke out about it. That shows integrity (rare in that industry).

    Also, after visiting a doctor, he healed himself! So Dr Null not only can talk the talk, he can walk the walk.

    If you really feel he is a quack, PROVE IT! But don’t take a sorry @ss pot-shot like this.

    • mjr256 says:

      If he intentions were noble, he wouldn’t be selling bogus, unproven medical treatments for serious diseases in the first place. And if he were serious in his desire to treat health problems, he’d take the time to acquire real medical credentials instead of dubious ones.

      Worse than than, he promotes fear, doubt, and confusion over proper medicine by directly telling people not to trust those who really save lives.

      He is the worst kind of conman, a snake oil salesman and what he’s now really suffering from is karma.

      For more on Gary Null’s background, here’s a great article:

  2. Paul says:

    Knowing NOTHING about this incident (and assuming your information is accurate), I tend to agree with Boru.

    I do, however, know a lot about sourcing ingredients (both in the medical/pharmaceutical industry, and also in the vitamin industry). And this kind of thing happens *every* day (recall the toxic gluten in the pet food a few years ago?).

    But 9 times out of 10, the product does NOT get recalled. Toxic ingredients make it into vaccines (recently, the H1N1 vaccine, and the HPV vaccine), medicine, even baby food … demonstrating (a) mainstream industry’s lack of integrity, but also (b) somehow the mainstream hospitals, Merck, Pfizer, etc., aren’t called quacks.

    I read your entire tirade, and fail to see how this proves quakery, or particularly, why Null (who seems well-intentioned to me) *deserves* to die, or suffer, or urinate blood???

    This does not sound at all like an “investigation”, a serious critique, or an intellectual inquiry as your mission statement says. More to the point, you’re just repeating the mainstream cliches & toting the party line (this could have come directly from a “Fox News” pharmaceutical rep). Repeating mainstream views does not make you an independent thinker – quite the opposite.

    Instead, your post just sounds like a bitter, angry, spiteful, and hateful rant. I’m hoping we just caught you on a bad day.

    • mjr256 says:

      For years Null has insisted that people should be loading up on Vitamin D and I can’t find a single instance of him ever cautioning customers of taking too much. He’s a victim of his own pseudoscience.

      As for vaccines, this “toxins” claim has never held up in the laboratory or in the courts. It’s been squarely debunked and no reputable medical organization in the world subscribes to it. But of course we’re getting off topic here. It wasn’t vaccines that caused Gary Null to piss blood and nearly die. It was the precious unregulated vitamin supplements he sells. The irony here is that had his product been held to the same quality of regulation as pharmaceuticals, this would not have happened.

      I never claimed I engaged in an “investigation.” The investigation is already over and indeed has been over for decades! Nor did I ever claim that I expected you to just take my word for this. By all means, contact the appropriate health authorities. No reputable health authority subscribes to Null’s snake oil and they have the studies that prove his claims invalid.

      If my post sounds like I’m angry, then I succeeded because I am angry. I’m angry that a professional scam artist with a death count as large as Gary’s is not serving life in prison. And if you value human life, you should be angry too.

      • arnie zimmerman says:

        First you are going to have to show me the death count(death certificate, autopsy report,etc.).Secondly, you are going to have to stop reporting like you are a subsidiary of Fox news.Tell it like it is. The manufacturer put in 1,000 x the stated amount, which meant Null was taking in 2,000,000 IU of D a day. That will kill you! I don’t hear you screaming about Vioxx! In addition, he has always stated that the amount we need is more likely 1- 2,000 IU and that we should all be tested- 25 OH. I do not personally know Mr. Null but I know of him and have seen him in the neighborhoods where he resides. It sounds to me as if you have more of a problem with him personally then with what he is saying. Almost all of the nutritional info espoused by Null has been finding it’s way into the pathetic mainstream. It comes from real scientists, doing real science, with much better credentials then Mr. Null. So whether it is 60 minutes and resveratrol or MD’s waking up to coq10 and statins, it is happening, whether you like it or not. Within the circle of people who prefer to take care of themselves, he is known by many names – The Angriest Man in America and The Man With No Ego. They do not all like his unabashed commercialism and his persistent attempt to convey “I am you, I feel your pain”. There are many people that he has helped,in one way or another, even if they dislike his approach and massive ego. Thanks

  3. Joe Bronson says:

    Gary Null said he was balding and regrew hair with his dietary regimen. When asked if he had before & after pix, he said no, because his hair grew back too fast for him to take photos! WHAT!! Did his hair grow back over-night??? What a QUACK!!!!!

  4. joe says:

    Look at the picture of Gary Null at the top of this page. My God! Who would take advice from this guy? He looks like a mental patient.

  5. Jordan says:

    He pays alot of lip-service about peer-reviewed, double-blind science. All I ask…of ANYone is…where does the data live??

  6. mjr256 says:

    arnie zimmerman,

    1. Who’s death certificate are you referring to. Gary Null is still alive. So it might be hard to come by.

    2. What does Fox News have to do with the fact that Null’s unregulated bogus treatment demonstrated just exactly why so-called “alternative” “medicines” should be regulated in the first place? Isn’t Fox News typically anti-regulation?

    3. You didn’t hear me screaming about Vioxx because I lack the appropriate level of knowledge about the subject to say anything intelligent and because so many others covered that story already. Of course I have criticized pharmaceutical companies on this blog for other reasons on occasion. You see, I don’t take sides. As far as I’m concerned, there is no party that is immune from criticism. You apparently feel different or else I don’t understand why you’re defending a product that proved not even safe for the head of the very company that made it. My allegiance is to the public health. What about you?

    4. I’ve never heard Gary discuss the risks of Vitamin D before, yet I constantly here him complain about the phantom risks of vaccines. But even if I accept that he does take the appropriate amount of time to responsibly warn people of the risks of his product, it doesn’t change the fact that his product is not regulated and that had it been regulated by that evil government he detests so much, he probably would not have almost died.

    5. I’ve never met Gary either and so have no personal grudge against him. I do however find anyone who misinforms the public regarding health and medical issues for their own profit contemptible. That just happens to include Gary.

    7. And no, very little of what Mr. Null says has any credible scientific validity at all. Chemotherapy remains the best treatment against cancer human civilization has come up with and vitamins have shown consistently to offer very minimal protection, if any, against infectious diseases.

    8. For someone believed to have no ego, he seems to think he knows more about medicine than every reputable medical and health institution on planet Earth…despite having no actual medical training or credentials of any kind.

    9. If he’s helped people, it certainly wasn’t through his bogus treatments built on mountains of pseudoscience. And if his Vitamin D product has helped people, maybe he could have helped people better by informing them that the sun is giving the stuff away for free.

  7. Charles says:

    I am a 60 year old Canadian and we are used to taking care of our own health even though we have a health care system that pays for most hospital and medical bills.

    I regularly use supplements and have not been sick for the last 12 years.I visited the doctor last year to have a check up and the last time before that three years.No high blood pressure, no diabetes, no heart problems,no colestrol problems.

    I am befuddled by the comments left here on this board about regulation for vitamins and minerals. Their use is by common sense you dont need anyone looking over your shoulder since it is essentially food.Medical drugs are a completely different matter, requiring a trained physian trying to correct an illness.

    I am appaled by some saying it is a good thing that a Mr. Null poisoned by vitamin D is a good thing so that people who use vitamins and minerals will learn a lesson. How laughable anyone using vitamins already know the toxic doses of the vitamins and governs themselves accordingly. I believe Mr Null was poisoned on account of the manufacturers mistake.I believe the same thing occured in the peanut butter industry killing a number of people in the U.S.A.

    However I am still confused by all of this, since useing vitamins and minerals is about maintaing one’s health, and the use of medical drugs is about correcting illness if you become ill.

    I thank God I live in a country where both are available to me and I can go to bed and have a good night sleep knowing that my health is provided for and not have the nightmare of some goverment agency regulating the food I eat.As for the free vitamin D via the sun, well it is not available to us for about six months of the year, so we are forced to buy our vitamin D. If Mr Null is advocating the use of vitamins and minerals for good health I agree with him since that is what I do to maintain my health,and he is a good man for doing so.

    Cheers to good health and God bless Canada

  8. mjr256 says:

    And I don’t use supplements and I haven’t been sick in years. See, the problem with anecdotal evidence is it’s scientifically worthless because there are not controls in place to tease out what caused what. Was it the expensive supplements that kept you healthy or many other factors? Do you shower? Wash your hands? Live a fairly low stress lifestyle? Eat a fairly healthy lifestyle?

    Now I find it rather extraordinary that Gary Null nearly dying because his product was not safety regulated doesn’t demonstrate to you the need for reasonable regulation. People feed these supplements to their kids. If it had been a kid who took this product instead of Gary, the kid probably would have died, regardless of whether the kid had “common sense” (whatever that means) or not. You say it shouldn’t be regulated because it’s essentially food? Well, you know, we regulate food. In fact, we have a whole organization called the Food and Drug Administration for just that, regulating food to make sure it’s safe for consumption.

    So given that Gary did survive the ordeal and will make a full recovery, I’d say it can be reasonably argued that this is a good thing because it demonstrates why great safety regulations are necessary (something Gary himself is constantly complaining about when it comes to everything that isn’t his own products) without anyone having to actually die for us to learn our lesson. Gary governs himself–how’d that work out for him? You see, it’s easy to say that but when you don’t have any guarantees that the amount in the product is what it’s supposed to be because there’s no oversight, it doesn’t matter how much you think you know.

    Now you said:
    “I believe Mr Null was poisoned on account of the manufacturers mistake.”

    Exactly. That’s exactly what I’m saying. You see, manufacturers make mistakes. That’s why there should be oversight to prevent these kinds of mistakes, or at least establish for far better accountability should something go wrong…as it did with Gary.

    Now you said:
    “However I am still confused by all of this, since useing vitamins and minerals is about maintaing one’s health, and the use of medical drugs is about correcting illness if you become ill.”

    Well, no. Most of the vitamins Gary sells have never been demonstrated to have any significant health benefits at all…despite what Gary would have his customers believe. Whereas many regulated drugs, which typically come from the same “natural” sources Gary likes, though with the beneficial ingredients isolated, have survived years of clinical trials proving they are both safe and effective. They also are used for many different purposes including both treating illness one already has AND preventing illness in the first place.

    I thank human progress that at least most products people consume today are currently subject to oversight to determine they’re safe before they hit the market and are consumed by people who might not be as lucky as Gary. You talk about “the nightmare of some government agency regulating the food you eat” when that nightmare would have prevented Gary from almost dying and has as a matter of fact saved millions of lives.

    As for vitamin d not being available to you for six months of the year, I suspect that’s what merchants like Gary told you, but it’s complete bullshit. All one needs is about 15 minutes of sunlight on any portion of their body daily and that includes sunlight filtered through clouds. So unless you live in harsh conditions that keeps you from being outside in daylight hours for an extended period of time, there is no benefit for vitamin d supplements.

    It’s really a shame that your ideology prevents you from accepting reality and that facts and common sense don’t cause you to seriously question your position.

    • Charles says:

      mjr256 I could not stop laughing after reading your response.

      Well let things stand as they are I have said what I have and you have done the same. Let the reader make reasonable deductions.

      I am quite happy to be a healthy 60 years old full of life and vigor, still participating in sports and thankful to be a Canadian.

      Cheers to good health and God bless Canada

      • mjr256 says:

        Well I’m glad to amuse, though I don’t see anything I said that was particularly all that funny. I personally take public health issues very seriously. Which is why I hope one day my country has the great health care system as yours, but one that does not treat people with the kind of voodoo remedies that Gary sells.

  9. M Martin says:

    Wonder if the owner of this site receives any compensation from any of the major drug companies?

    • mjr256 says:

      Wonder no more. He does not.

      But congratulations on being the one millionth brain-dead zombie to use this shameless McCarthyist ploy in lieu of a real argument!!!

  10. Pete says:

    Gary null is not a quack, whoever could have a problem with someone trying to make the world a better place is a quack.

    • mjr256 says:

      Trying to make the world a better place and actually doing it are very different things. If Gary wants to make the world a better place, tell him to stop making shit up, stop giving people deadly bogus and dangerous medical advice, and to get a real medical education.

  11. Frank says:

    If only Gary Null would die from overdose is your open death wish to publish on the WWW? Other than sniping at him as a health expert, what is your beef (or vegan) with HIM? Your dedicated hater angle is really queer.

  12. ToFun says:

    HAHA!!!….Funny….you crack me up…get a life or better yet take vitamin D….maybe you’ll feel better:) This blog is *is like taking bad medicine*, it’s full of hate and people *like you* make me laugh…please write more…hahaha!!!

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