Jake Crosby is a one-trick pony

Jake Crosby has written another piece over at the vaccine denialist e-rag known as Age of Autism. After everyone else on that worthless site has thrown their feces at PBS for airing a show that didn’t reinforce their delusion, it’s finally his turn. So what’s his criticism of PBS? It’s “Pharmaceutical BS.”

Get it?!

“Pharmaceutical BS”


Get it?!


Now Jake must really have some solid dirt on PBS. I mean he doesn’t just accuse anyone who disagrees with him of being a “Big Pharma shill, does he?

Oh, right. He does:

Age of Projectionism

Strike 2 for Jake Crosby

A crazy mixed up kid comes up with a crazy mixed up conspiracy theory about a crazy mixed up blog collective

Chris Mooney’s Pharmaceutical Influence

Oh Jake.

Jake, Jake, Jake. We have this thing in civilized society known as libel law. And when you make serious accusations like you do so readily, one day you’re going to find yourself in a heap of legal trouble. Maybe you should just get out now and change your name to Joke.

But that’s just Jake. It’s not like anyone else on that site resorts to such childish ad hominem attacks, right?

Oh, right.

Age of Autism vs. Francis Collins & Jon Stewart

J.B. Handley: Master Projectionist

When critics disagree with me, I’m a Pharma Shill. When critics disagree with a woman, it gets sexual.

Anti-vaccinationist J.B. Handley and the pot calling the kettle black

Anti-vaccinationist J.B. Handley flings more feces at Alison Singer

Age of Autism writer posting on Huffington Post – “Dr. Paul Offit: Pope Of The Church Of The Immaculate Vaccination”

Did Age of Autism ‘jump the shark’?

Age of Autism can’t go a day without hurling insults

Counting Offit’s Millions: More on How Merck’s Rotateq Vaccine Made Paul Offit Wealthy

But you know, that’s just Age of Autism. It’s not like all vaccine deniers are like that, right?

The “pharma shill” gambit

Childhood vaccines, autism and the dangers of group think

Barack Obama: A pro-vaccine pharma shill who doesn’t care about autistic children?

The Jenny and Jim antivaccine propaganda tour has begun

Paul Offit on Dateline NBC: The $29 Million Vaccine Man?

Brian Deer Interviewed by Matt Lauer on Dateline NBC Dr. Wakefield Program

Autism’s False Prophets: Finally, science pushes back against antivaccine lunacy

The anti-vaccine movement strikes back using misogyny

The effective wordsmithing of Amy Wallace

Journalist’s Vaccine Article Draws Hate Mail

J.B. Handley, Generation Rescue, and attacks on critics

Demonizing “Big Pharma

Oh, the Irony!

It’s almost like a brainwashing cult, except that the vaccine deniers don’t…

Oh, I guess they do that too. In that case I guess it is a brainwashing cult.


2 Responses to Jake Crosby is a one-trick pony

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