Now even the word “Mohammed” is too offensive

Prophet Mohammed in Princess Leia costume at Comic Con

Now even the word “Mohammed” is too offensive. I thought I was done talking about the childish responses from Muslims at the University of Wisconsin – Madison over the chalk drawings of stick figures labeled “Mohammed.” And I’d already written about the absurdity of Muslims objecting to drawings of anything that just have the name “Mohammed” attached to them to illustrate how silly this whole idea of rejecting any images of Mohammed.

As I reported the other day, first, they went a great degree out of their way and wasted a hell of a lot of time writing “Ali” after Mohammed’s name…because that’s apparently all that’s required to turn blasphemy into harmless stick figures. This led the local atheist group responsible for the original drawings. took a cue from the South Park creators and started drawing just the stick figure and the word “Censored” next to it. They also drew some with the following text: “Muham…is this okay?”

Apparently, it wasn’t.

The even write the name of Islam’s favorite child rapist, or you know, even half the name of their favorite child rapist is going too far. So what did they do? They rubbed away the word “Mohammed” near several of the stick figures.



You’ve illustrated better than anyone else could that there’s a direct correlation between Islam and certifiable insanity.

Okay, there’s a chance this wasn’t actually done by the local Muslim Student Association. But given that we know they already were willing to waste hours going around campus adding “Ali” to the name Mohammed, is it really that far of a stretch to assume they were responsible?

As for criticisms that this whole venture had no legitimate merit and was purely about offending people, Chris Calvey, president of the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics group at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, had this to say:

A common sentiment I’ve heard the past few days went a little something like this: “I’m totally in favor of free speech and all, but what you’re doing is needlessly offensive. Just because you can draw Muhammad doesn’t mean that you should.”

And my response was simple — we shall see if I can.

As it turns out, no, you cannot draw depictions of Muhammad in Madison. At least, not without having them immediately changed to pictures of Muhammad Ali, and not without having them censored the next day. Let’s imagine an alternate universe. Let’s say the drawings were never tampered with, but instead were met with nothing more than shrugged shoulders and public admonishment for our childish behavior. In this scenario the egg would be on our faces. Instead, suffice it to say that our point has been proven. The right to criticize religion and perform blasphemous acts needs to be defended more than ever.

Spectacularly well said, Chris. These Muslims missed the whole point. And in the process, they made our point for us. It’s not about drawing stick figures to piss people off. It’s about how mere stick figures have the unwarranted power to make possibly otherwise rational people behave in ways unacceptable in any civilized society.

This is how buildings are toppled, not by airplanes but by ideas. Ideas that overpower people’s rational minds and allow them to justify unspeakable carnage in the name of righteousness combined with a belief that their all-powerful tribal god  is so impotent it needs them to defend its honor.

Despite their “faith” in their teachings and the absolute power of their god to control the universe, these Muslims feel threatened by chalk drawings of stick figures. A strong belief system should value criticism because it tests one’s faith, which leads to stronger faith when that belief is verifiable as the truth. Only false prophets teaching a weak faith fear the questioning of that faith, because they know they might be wrong. If they’ve got “The Truth” on your side, why are they so afraid of stick figures?


8 Responses to Now even the word “Mohammed” is too offensive

  1. ZarathustraMike says:

    Fuck Muhammand

  2. ZarathustraMike says:

    And all the other MAN MADE BULLSHIT gods!

  3. Brianna says:

    These figures have been censored at the University of Illinois as well. Check out the editorials written by the Muslim groups at Needless to say, any counter-editorials from the opposition have not been published.

  4. ZarathustraMike says:

    What’s offensive is that we allow these cretons to emigrate here, take advantage of our freedoms, and then we allow them to tell us what to think and say. I say…. go the fuck back to your desert HOVELS and shut the fuck up…. And by the way FUCK YOUR MOOHAMSHIT!

  5. Kristin says:


    Shouldn’t that be “cretins”?

    They do not “emigrate here” they “immigrate here”.

    They emigrate from somewhere.

    What would you do about homegrown Muslims – the ones born “here”?

    Most Muslims who migrate to the US do not come from “desert hovels”.

    On average Muslim migrants to the US are better educated than average native-born Americans. Some of them even know a little about English spelling and syntax.

    Many are able to express themselves without resort to profanity.

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  7. mohcine ech-channa says:

    how will you know he was a child rapist, and why always pay attention to the extremists. so the voice of the US is the kkk and for europe the neo nazis? and why draw someone who passed away ca 1500 years ago? well Am a muslim because I believe in a God that in the Coran says things like He created the world (forests, oceans, animals…etc) but most people are ungratefull/dont know. wich is a nice way to say most people are idiots, muslims or not.

    • mjr256 says:

      According to the Koran, Mohammed married and slept with the 9-year-old Ayesha‎. That’s called rape in the civilized world.

      I pay attention to the extremists because they affect the world around me. They committed violence because someone burned his own copy of the Koran. They killed Theo Van Gogh for making a film critical of their religion. Salmon Rushdie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and the woman who started Everybody Draw Mohammed Day are all in hiding due to threats of violence against them. This is not behavior that can be simply ignored. As Edmund Burke famously said, “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      I never claimed I thought the Islamic extremists speak for all Islam. Part of the problem with such a factional religion is that nobody represents all Islam and there is no leader to appeal to. Neither the KKK nor the Neo Nazis are prone to this kind of violence and intimidation, so you’re providing a false analogy. If they did, I’d be advocating more effort taken to fight them too.

      As for the reason we draw Mohammed, it’s to take away the intimidation power Islamic radicals have. Right now, as I said, there are people who have been violently murdered and people in hiding for their lives simply because they criticized Islam. As a result, free speech has been curtailed in Western democracies like the U.S. This is unacceptable in a free, democratic society and must be stopped. Muslim radicals do not have the right to commit violence whenever someone hurts their feelings and no one, NO ONE should be intimidated into withholding their criticisms due to fear of violence against them. The more we draw Mohammed, the more we dis-empower these thugs by showing the world that you can offend these people and still be perfectly fine. They can’t silence us all.

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