True believers never learn

Last year around this time many science bloggers and I extensively covered the ongoing soap opera that was the Daniel Hauser case. Hauser was a 13-year-old boy suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma whose parents didn’t believe in medical science and chose to put their son’s life in the hands of “alternative” “medicines” or as I like to call them, bogus remedies. But given that Daniel was a minor, a judge mandated that he undergo chemotherapy that would save his life. This led he and his mother to go on the lam for a few days before finally returning again. Daniel then received his chemotherapy while also getting bogus remedies that at least wouldn’t harm him, became cancer-free, and has been living well ever since.

But the Hauser family doesn’t seem to have learned its lesson because now Daniel’s father, Anthony Hauser has been diagnosed with cancer and has decided to use bogus remedies instead of real medicine to treat it.

Now Daniel was a minor who shouldn’t be expected to know what’s in his best interests, so I strongly advocated for government intervention to force him to get proper treatment and was deeply concerned about medical professionals saving his life.

As for Anthony Hauser, however, the only way I can think to express my opinion is by quoting South Park’s Chef:  “FUDGE ‘EM!”

Daniel was a minor. He was in a particularly vulnerable position where he particularly needs guardians to look out for him. The same can’t be said of Anthony Hauser, who is a fuly grown adult who simply should know better by now, especially given his own son’s history. He’s just an ignorant and delusional fool who I have little sympathy for at this point. And while it’s sad that soon Daniel will be without a father at least maybe, just maybe his father will give him the gift of waking the fuck up so that when Daniel is older, he won’t make the same stupid mistake his father did. I’m washing my hands of Anthony Hauser and can’t stand to waste another sentence on this asshole.


One Response to True believers never learn

  1. ZarathustraMike says:

    Let this Idiot die………. It’ll be an excellent improvement for the Species……

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