News From Around The Blogosphere 5.28.10

1. Bachmann military prayer amendment defeated – The National Defense Authorization Act, proposed by Rep. Michele Bachmann, would have given military chaplains the new freedom to push their own religion’s specific prayers on soldiers. But fortunately, House leaders rejected it. I guess Bachmann didn’t pray enough.

2. Self-proclaimed ‘mindreader’ dismissed from jury because of his ‘powers’ – So what are these amazing powers?

Drew McAdam’s act includes reading thoughts, duplicating drawings done in secret and bending cutlery Uri Geller-style.

. . .

But the 54-yearold was sent home after officials recognised him as the human lie detector on Five’s Trisha chatshow.

He revealed: “The clerk had seen me doing body language and mindreading.

“Then he told me he was surprised that they had even let somebody like me on a jury in the first place.”

Best excuse to get out of jury duty EVER! I’m stealin’ it. At least one of the participants in the courtroom is bound to know someone named Charles.

Ernest Willis

3. Baptists fighting Catholic child rape monopoly – When Tina Anderson was 15, she was raped by a Trinity Baptist Church member named Ernest Willis, who got her pregnant. But when she accused Willis in the church, here’s how the pastor at the church responded:

When the pastor heard Anderson’s allegations, he told her that if she had “lived in the Old Testament,” she would have been stoned to death for not reporting the attack sooner.

“He also said I had ‘allowed myself to be put in a compromising situation,’ Anderson said. The pastor decided she needed to be “church-disciplined.”

“I was completely humiliated,” Anderson said, her voice quavering at the memory. “I hoped it was a nightmare I’d wake up from, and it wouldn’t be true anymore.”

Wow. Just wow.

4. Teacher fired from Catholic high school over Facebook poll – Abby Nurre, a teacher at a Catholic high school answered a Facebook poll about her if she believed in God, angels or miracles. She answered “no,” which resulted in her being fired from her job:

Now she’s out of a job because, as the school board put it, she violated “a policy that prohibits employees from advocating principles contrary to the dogmatic and moral teaching of the church.”

Cause as everyone knows, education means believing what you’re told no matter what.


2 Responses to News From Around The Blogosphere 5.28.10

  1. drewsmuse says:

    Hey! great to get a mention on your blog, thanks! Just to put things right,though, you asked: “So what are these amazing powers?” Anybody reading the article would have realised that I put forward no claim of “powers” – ever. Indeed, as my good friend Ian Rowland would say: “I am as psychic as a teapot”

    However, I am recognised as a specialist in tactical questioning techniques (army trained) and I think that might be what put the frighteners on them!

    I know you place a great deal of importance on accuracy; just thought you should know.

    Thanks again.

    Cheers, chum,


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