This Week in God 6.7.10

1. If Cat Stevens wants to sing out, he can’t sing out. If he wants to be free, he’ll have to abandon Islam – Yusuf Islam aka the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens may soon be banned from Australia thanks to a member of the Australian Parliament, Peter Kavanagh. The reason Kavanagh doesn’t want Stevens/Islam to perform in the country is that he’s publicly stated that he wants Salman Rushdie to die because of the Islamic fatwa against Rushdie over his book, The Satanic Verses:

“Yusuf has evaded on this matter for years,” he said. ”I call on the Minister for Immigration to deny Mr Yusuf a visa to enter Australia unless he publicly and categorically states that he does not and will not support the murder of any person for the expression of views, no matter how offensive.”

In other words, he wants the artist who once sang Peace Train to publicly condemn violence. I’m sure that will happen any day now. Yup, any day now.


And speaking of fatwas:

2. Saudi Clerics are advocating adult breast-feeding because of fatwa – A fatwa has been declared calling for adults to breast-feed to establish “maternal relations” and preclude the possibility of sexual contact.

Some have found the debate so bizarre that they’re calling for stricter regulations about how and when fatwas should be issued.

Stricter regulations? But c’mon. If this doesn’t warrant a fatwa, nothing does (and I sincerely mean that).

3. Oh, and in more Islamic related story, here’s a look into the secret school for girls:

It’s a loving religion, isn’t it?

4. Some Christian fundamentalists see the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as a sign of the apocalypse – Really, wouldn’t it just be easier to compile a list of things that aren’t a sign of the apocalypse to these people?

5. South Australia overrules Jehovah’s Witnesses right to let their kids die

In a South Australian legal first, the Supreme Court this afternoon gave the Women’s and Children’s Hospital the right to give a 10-year-old boy – a member of the Jehovah’s Witness faith – transfusions as part of his cancer treatment.

The decision, in line with similar rulings from around the world, paves the way for hospitals to take action in future debates with religious parents.

Sorry kid but you’re just going to have to wait a while before going to heaven.


One Response to This Week in God 6.7.10

  1. ZarathustraMike says:

    Car Stevens…….. yeah, I’m a Muslim till I need to make some money. Fuck you Josef Islamish….. You can’t have it both ways, you fucking HYPOCRIT!!!!

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