Woman’s death linked to homeopathy

I often hear people ask what’s the harm in homeopathy? After all, if there’s really nothing in it, then it’s not inherently harmful. But while that’s true, it can lead people away from real medicine. This may be what happened to Penelope Dingle, who died of bowel cancer in 2005. An investigation turned up that she was being treated by a homeopath when she developed symptoms.

Counsel assisting the coroner told the court her condition was not diagnosed until two years later at which point her homeopath told Mrs Dingle her cancer could be cured with alternative therapies.

Mrs Dingle then refused treatment from doctors who told her she had a reasonable chance of recovery if she underwent chemotherapy and an operation.

If this is true, then I think it is quite fair to say that Penelope Dingle was killed by homeopathy.


2 Responses to Woman’s death linked to homeopathy

  1. beneficii says:

    Irrelevant, but more religious nonsense that is actually effecting people’s lives very negatively:


  2. Tina Scientific says:

    The dingle story is not a religious story from what I can see so dont get your connection.

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