Katy Perry a fan of Lady Gaga but also a fan of Jesus

The fashion of the Christ?

Katy Perry recently tweeted:

“Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.”

This is an odd comment coming from an artist whose career essentially began with a song about female bi-curiosity. Granted, the Bible never explicitly condemns lesbian behavior. But given the Bible’s stance on male homosexuality, divorce, cross-dressing, being a rape victim, and women who don’t leave society when they’re on their period, it’s safe to assume the writers of the Bible would not have been fans of a girl going on about how much they liked making out with other girls.

So it’s hard to take any religious appeals from Perry very seriously. It’s like she’s hot and she’s cold. She’s yes and she’s no. She’s up and she’s down. Which is it, Katy?

Of course this tweet seems to be obviously related to Lady Gaga’s latest video for the song Alejandro, which features a great deal of Catholic imagery and has incited attacks by the Catholic League aka Bill Donohue.

Of course, many Christians have attack Katy Perry as well for her ode to bi-curiosity.

It’s also worth pointing out that Perry’s comment is additionally odd given that most great comedians are prone to the occasional fart jokes.


4 Responses to Katy Perry a fan of Lady Gaga but also a fan of Jesus

  1. amorphousintelligence says:

    I tried adding my blog to the Skepticator news feed and saw your post analyzing Katy Perry’s blasphemy tweet. It caught my eye because I sometimes follow her tweets and remember thinking basically the same things you noted. Though I question whether she was aiming her tweet at Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” video (which seems heavily influenced by Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and “Vogue” videos). Considering all the inconsistencies in her vague tweet with her music and videos, I suspect she didn’t put much thought into what she was saying and probably was not aiming it at anyone or anything. She likely just heard someone say it (perhaps her parents, who apparently are or were Christian pastors), thought it sounded clever, so passed it on. It’s also interesting to note she’s engaged to Russell Brand who also seems to live a rather non-traditionally-religious lifestyle (and whom she tweeted that she sometimes jerks off to pictures of, which is another ritual not exactly smiled upon by the faithful). I have a friend who was raised by strict, religious parents, but he himself naturally goes against the traditional religious grain since that’s just how his instinctive personality is. So he has developed this conflicting, split personality of partaking in debauchery at times, then suddenly turns pious and preachy at others. It’s annoying as hell, but understandable given the circumstances of his life. Katy Perry might have something similar going on within herself.

    • mjr256 says:

      It is certainly possible her tweet was not related to Lady Gaga. I only heard about this story because many seem to have drawn that connection.

      I agree that Lady Gaga’s latest video is definitely channeling a certain era in Madonna’s career, the era that I personally think was when Madonna was most artistic and provocative (Like a Prayer, Justify My Love, Erotica, Human Nature, etc.). And while I’m not a big fan of most current pop music, I must admit some fondness for both Perry and Lady Gaga for shaking things up a little and being unafraid of pissing off the religious right. That’s why I find it so odd that Perry would invoke any kind of religiosity and denounce the use of “blasphemy” in art.

  2. K..P.R.13 says:

    I think that Katy Perry is kinda right, but might seem weird what she said. So, Lady GaGa is now copying Madonna? Bad move GaGa, very bad. Didn’t like her last video. She’s dressed like a nun is some scenes and she has switches and stuff and they are all half naked and I was like what the hell man? Either you are saint or sinner GaGa you can’t mix it cause u think it looks cool, well think again, your video sucks. Don’t you guys say Katy Perry ain’t right. So, Katy Perry was curious so what? she kissed a girl that might be a sin but bible said no relationship between two guys or girls. the kiss ain’t relationship cause she stopped after one kiss. nothing else happened and she didn’t repeat that. but GaGa, think she’s makin a real mistake just like madonna was. In my opinion, the video that GaGa made, man, that IS a sin.

  3. Aaliyah says:

    Thanks you. Lady Gaga ❤

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