Scientology – The Steven Fishman Deposition

These days, thanks largely to the creators of South Park, many people around the world know Scientology’s Xenu story. I’d always heard that it was in the 90s that the story was originally leaked to the public, before the Time Magazine cover story titled “Cult of Greed,” but I didn’t know the circumstances until now. I also didn’t know there was a video from back then of a former $cientologist spilling the beans about all sorts of cult craziness until now.

Steven Fishman was a former member of the cult. After he was arrested over a fraud scheme, many suspected he hadn’t acted alone and that he was actually operating under orders by the cult itself. During that case, Fishman included $cientology’s secret documents explaining the whole Operating Thetan level material that the “Church” no longer denies is accurate. Of course, the “Church” decided to cut their losses though and throw Fishman under the proverbial bus.

But Fishman also provided one hell of a deposition, one that led his lawyer to think the best option was to plead insanity. It’s great stuff. And it’s criminal that this video isn’t as famous as the South Park clip or Tom Cruise’s infamous “Tom Cruise on Tom Cruise, Scientologist” award show video because this is some of the craziest shit you’ll ever see in your life. While Fishman was a former member, at the time this video was made, he was still a true believer who believed himself to have been the father of Jesus Christ and that his mission was to destroy Christianity and all other religions. It’s funny how Tom Cruise never mentioned that part, huh.

This is what $cientology doesn’t want you to know. So enjoy and pass this around to everyone you know. Let’s make this viral!

Here’s part one:

Now as nuts as that was, that wasn’t even close to how out there this guy is. You can watch the whole thing here.


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