Age of Profit

For some time now the vaccine deniers at Age of Autism have preached about how anyone who makes any money at all while disagreeing with them is automatically a “Big Pharma Shill” and that the mere fact that they’re making money is absolute proof of corruption and conspiracy (see: here, here, here, here, here to name a few examples).

So I was shocked…shocked to find out that Age of Autism profits off of their website. Now I’ve blogged before about how there are ads all over their site promoting specific companies that clearly benefit from Age of Autism’s message. But now they’ve gone into merchandising with t-shirts and even a new book that presumably just repeats all the stuff they say on their blog that is available for free…but in a format that requires payment.

I can’t wait to read the writers of Age of Autism condemn themselves as shills and profiteering whores as they do all of their critics. I’m sure it will happen any minute now. Yup, any minute now. Orac writes about the announcement of the new book here.

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