Historical reenactment

I’ve written before about the awesome NYC performance art created by Improv Everywhere. They’ve gotten thousands of volunteers to all freeze at the same moment in Grand Central Station for a whole minute, reenacted the NYC Public Library scene from Ghostbusters in NYC Public Library (with permission), turned mall food courts into musicals, made a yearbook of random passengers on the subway, got an army of people to have all sorts of crazy fun by following real-time instructions in numerous mp3 experiments, brightened people’s day by getting them to high-five a random stranger at the top of an escalator, held an art gallery in a subway station, faked a funeral, gave a random newly wed couple a surprise wedding reception, and of course have gotten thousands of volunteers to participate in their annual No Pants Subway Ride every January. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of participating in the last one.

Well now they’ve done it again and brought unexpected joy to many subway riders by reenacting the capture of Princess Leia on a subway car:

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