Blog-amonium breaks out at Scienceblogs

I’ve already written about what I think has been officially dubbed PepsiGate, where those in charge of Scienceblogs accepted money from PepsiCo in order for the company to establish its own ad-blog among the most highly regarded science blogs perhaps in the world, as well as the Scienceblogs backing down and telling PepsiCo to get lost in response to the outrage of both its other bloggers and many others.

But it seems that didn’t end the controversy. No, rather it’s gotten far worse. Numerous bloggers have left Scienceblogs including one of my favorites, Peter Lipson aka PalMD for reasons he lays out here. The status of another favorite Scienceblogger of mine, Orac, is at this time uncertain. And PZ Myers is ON STRIKE! That means that the only one there that I read regularly is Abbie Smith aka ERV, and I generally only check in on her page once a week.

This is a major blow to science journalism and I really hope this situation is resolved for the best soon. Good luck to everyone.

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