Happy belated second birthday, Skepacabra!!

I‘ve been so busy lately that I missed last week’s momentous occasion, Skepacabra’s second birthday. It was July 19, 2008 that I began this blog on WordPress with an entry titled, “What I think about your god,” a piece that still holds up to this very day and in which I’m still very proud of.

Skepacabra was my first blog and in some ways it’s still my favorite. Sure, my writings at Examiner.com actually pay money (though not very much) and my writings over at The Gotham Skeptic tend to be more focused and better written, but here I feel the most free and uncensored. Here, I can say pretty much anything I want within reason. I can type FUCK for no reason at all and no editor is going to say they’d rather I didn’t.

Happy birthday, Skepacabra!

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2 Responses to Happy belated second birthday, Skepacabra!!

  1. han says:

    Congratulations on your two-year anniversary! I’ve been following you for about half that time – I always find your posts informative and entertaining.

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