Apology not accepted, Target

A few days ago, we found out that Target donated $150,000 to a Religious Right politician who’s openly bigoted against gays. So MoveOn.org started a boycott against Target.

So now the CEO has publicly apologized. And I for one don’t think it’s enough.

I’m with the guy in this clip. Target needs to either get their money back somehow or donate at least $150,000 to a prominent gay rights organization to remedy this situation. This is the obvious solution and one that took me less than five seconds to come up with. So if Target isn’t bright enough to think of it, then why should I trust their judgment about anything. Sorry. I love you, Target. But I say apology not accepted. Not good enough.

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One Response to Apology not accepted, Target

  1. Tom says:

    I agree, the damage is done and a simple apology, even sincere, is not quite good enough. I think an equal or greater amount of money needs to be donated by Target to a pro-GLBT group.

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