The Skepdoc no longer employed by Oprah

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Back in December, I reported that the Skepdoc, Harriet Hall, accepted a rather unusual job offer. It seemed that the new health and environment editor at O, Oprah’s magazine, wanted Hall to write a regular column for the magazine. And while I was very excited at the prospect of Hall introducing skepticism to Oprah’s audience, I had doubts, fearing this might inevitably lead to the apocalypse like when Angel took that job at Wolfram & Hart.

But I at least hoped that worst case scenario, I’d get to slay the dragon (Okay, I’ve gotten that pop culture reference out of my system). Sadly, Dr. Hall will no longer be working for Oprah. She explains why in an article at Science-Based Medicine as well as the ridiculous bullshit she had to deal with the entire time.

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