The atheist who stole Christmas

The Christians have decided to prematurely fire the first round in “the war on Christmas” this year with a little D-movie that makes Left Behind almost look like Citizen Kane by comparison. This looks like a low budget (possibly lower than Clerks) film starring nobody actors with a plot fit for the Hallmark Channel. Hell, it seems they couldn’t even afford Stephen Baldwin, so that got Daniel Baldwin (who knew he was following in his one loser brother’s footsteps rather than the, you know, successful ones?). And it also features the dude who played Marcy’s second husband in Married With Children. And it’s going straight to DVD…right before it goes straight to the $0.99 bargain bin. But it must be awesome because in the marketing material they compare it to Capra’s classic It’s A Wonderful Life.

But judge for yourself. Here’s the trailer for the unambiguously titled “Christmas with a Capital C”:

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2 Responses to The atheist who stole Christmas

  1. DAVID T. says:

    Capitol C for crapola. Based on the trailer, I would say it’s rubbish.

  2. MichaelTAtheist says:

    Unfortunately, these ass-wipes don’t even know that Geebus was born in MARCH!

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