Tin boy

I really didn't notice they're the same character until now

Everybody knows The Wizard of Oz. And if you recall each hero in that story was seeking something. The Tin Man was seeking a heart. For some time now medical science has been able to give people artificial hearts. But we haven’t given one to a child until now.

For the first time, a 15-year-old has been successfully implanted with a robotic heart by doctors in Italy. And while these artificial hearts are typically only temporary, due to the boy’s Duchenne muscular dystrophy, his robotic heart is permanent.

The procedure “opened new therapeutic perspectives and hope for life for all patients with cardiac illnesses for whom a transplant is needed, especially for those like Thursday’s patient who cannot receive a donated heart for clinical reasons,” the statement said.

Once again, to quote Carl Sagan, science delivers the goods.

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