News From Around The Blogosphere 10.12.10

1. What does a jellyfish and Sue Storm have in common? – They can both makes themselves invisible:

Despite its primitive structure, the North American comb jellyfish can sneak up on its prey like a high-tech stealth submarine, making it a successful predator. Researchers, including one from the University of Gothenburg, have now been able to show how the jellyfish makes itself hydrodynamically ‘invisible’.

2. Guess who’s an atheist – If you guessed the son of infamous creationist loony Michael Behe, congratulations! You’re absolutely correct! And what does the young Behe think of his father?

“I really dislike my father”

You and me both, kid.

3. Happy 82nd, James Randi! – That’s right. After kicking cancer’s ass not long ago, the father of the modern skeptical movement has survived another year thanks to medical science.

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