Chupacabra just coyote with scabies?

According to University of Michigan biologist Barry OConnor, Skepacabra’s less skeptical cousin, the chupacabra is just a coyote with sarcoptic mange (a.k.a. scabies). He bases this conclusion on photos of the corpes of alleged chupacabras, which he says tend show them to be shriveled, hairless, and canine-looking.

Well sure, if you look at the evidence, that might make sense. But isn’t it more fun to just imagine chupacabras are real? I mean with evidence you can disprove anything: leprechauns, unicorns, dragons, space aliens, Big Foot, Man Bear Pig…

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2 Responses to Chupacabra just coyote with scabies?

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  2. Anita says:

    Frank believed it to be the legendary chupacabra and he believed and was told it was the messenger of death and sadly enough just monthes after shooting this thing Frank died in his home on May 8, 2011 Mothers Day. We lost a great friend but he got his 15min of fame before he left at least Rest in Peace Frank

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