Vaccine deniers take another life in Westchester, NY

A 4-year-old boy who wasn’t vaccinated against the flu died of influenza-related pneumonia.

Now because I’ve already had at least one crazy anti-vaxxer insist that the article wasn’t clear and:  “The article directly dodged saying that the child had influenza. In fact it said at the end that they were going to check to see if he had had H1N1”, I decided to literally go through the entire article to explain it to the denialists.

The article doesn’t dodge a damned thing. It’s quite clear, in fact. The investigation only concerns which specific strain he had.
The article begins:

A 4-year-old boy from New Rochelle, N.Y., has died from an influenza-related illness, according t…o the Westchester County Health Department.

Here the author is saying the pneumonia the kid died from was in fact “influenza-related.” However, because the author did not introduce the pneumonia angle yet and because most people don’t realize they can get pneumonia from influenza, the author then explains th in the next paragraph:

He became ill in November and died of bacterial pneumonia, which can be a complication of flu, the health department said.

This is then followed by a quote from an expert that explains the best method of preventing dying from influenza-related pneumonia, the flu vaccine.

The article continues:

The health department would not name the boy for privacy reasons, but reported that he was previously healthy and had not received the flu vaccine.

It notes that the boy was healthy but hadn’t had a flu vaccine. The blatant implication here is that had he been vaccinated against the flu, he’d almost certainly still be alive.

The health department will be testing the boy for the H1N1 virus, Fox 5’s Dan Bowens reported.

Here’s where they remind the public of the infamous H1N1 strain, saying health officials are trying to determine if that’s the strain that killed him.

It’s really not complicated.

[UPDATE: 12/9/10 – Here is an article that claims several sources have confirmed that the strain was indeed H1N1 and quotes the message the school district has posted on their website warning parents about influenza. The district’s website can be found here.

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