Age of Autism gives out awards

It’s that time of year again. The time when everyone starts compiling those best and worst lists of the year. I’m sure I’m going to get to that soon enough myself. But today I wanted to comment on the awards being issued by those paragons of crazy at Age of Autism.

Not surprisingly, they awarded their arch nemesis Dr. Paul Offit their “Denialist of the Decade” Award. When I first saw them promote the article written by Dan “I still can’t find autistic Amish even though they’re not hard to find” Olmsted on their Facebook page, I couldn’t resist leaving a short comment. I wrote: “Odd choice since every reputable health org on the planet agrees with him.” Shockingly, this comment apparently proved too snarky to be see and they had it quickly disappeared because Age of Autism respects intellectual discourse and honesty.

Then again, as Olmsted’s piece illustrates when he discusses Offit’s latest book  Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All (at least discuses its existence, not really any of its content or the science being presented of course), Age of Autism has no sense of irony:

Much of the book is a score-settling screed against anyone who’s ever criticized him or vaccine safety surveillance, including Fisher, Jenny McCarthy and J.B. Handley.

Not like Age of Autism that devotes over 75% of its content to articles about attacking the characters of any public figure who promotes vaccination instead of discussing stuff relevant to, you know, autism. The site always reminds me of Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, sarcastically asking if there are any actual dinosaurs in this dinosaur park?

So essentially, Olmsted just uses this “award” as an excuse to reiterate the same long debunked BS claims he and his fellow misinformers have been making all decade, sling more mud at Offit specifically (even though everyone of any consequence agrees with him), and of course to further plug his own recent horribly unsuccessful book.

But this wasn’t the only award they gave out. To really bring home Age of Autism’s credibility, they gave their “Journalist of the Year” award to a woman named Alisyn Camerota…an anchor at Fox News.

Yes, THAT Fox News.


And Orac posts about Age of Autism’s recent articles here.

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