Alex Jones is not too swift

Governor Jesse Ventura
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You can always count on Alex Jones to bring the crazy. He’s been foretelling the imminent arrival of an American police state where most of the population would either be poisoned and placed in plastic FEMA coffins sitting around in plain site in a field or forced into FEMA concentration camps for the better part of a decade now. So with that epic failure, I guess he’s always on the lookout for any crazy conspiracy these days that his imagination can cook up.

And this one, relating his friend and fellow conspiracy nutter Jesse Ventura just amuses me to know end at the silliness of it:

Does Alex know Time Warner signs Jesse Ventura’s paychecks?

Yeah, that’s right, Alex. Time Warner pays Jesse tens of thousands of dollars to report “the truth” against their own interests, and then they randomly, after airing tons of episodes of his insipid faux-journalism show, decide to find the least efficient means of silencing his voice…the voice they’re paying him to broadcast. Cause that makes a lot of sense.

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2 Responses to Alex Jones is not too swift

  1. han says:

    Oddly enough, I can credit Alex Jones with my shift from credulousness to skepticism. I used to be an avid believer in conspiracies until I worked as an employee for Alex (in a domestic capacity) for nearly a year. Seeing him in his natural habitat as himself (rather than his on-air persona) really revealed to me the gap between my perception of who I thought he was and the reality of who he is.

    Jones Productions is a highly lucrative business, one that thrives on sowing fear and misinformation. Alex automatically “knows” the truth about literally everything and only accepts “facts” that confirm his theories. His business and livelihood depend on him being perceived as an authority figure among paranoid patriots.

    To be fair, when he’s Alex the guy rather than “Alex Jones, Infowarrior”, he’s actually quite friendly, a big goofball fond of lame jokes and physical comedy. However, when he adopts his persona, the shift is dramatic and, to my mind, quite telling. I’m sure Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly’s employees (i.e. servants) notice a similar shift in personality when the cameras and mics are turned on.

  2. Leslie Davis says:

    truTV – Conspiracy Theories
    Starring America’s biggest liar and conspirator
    Jesse “James Janos” Ventura
    (even his name is fake)
    ”Always Cheat – The Philosophy of Jesse Ventura”
    by Leslie Davis, Author and Activist
    Advise mail address for free book – 612/529-5253

    The truTV conspiracy information is nothing new.
    I reported the World Trade Center Building 7 demolition
    for the insurance money on my TV show more than a year ago.
    Call for free WTC 7 video – 612/529-5253
    Ventura intros his truTV show by lying about being a Navy SEAL.
    He wasn’t a Navy SEAL and the picture he shows is from the movie Predator.

    Facts you should know about Jesse Ventura

    – Ventura lied about being a Navy SEAL on active duty. He joined the SEAL Reserves after active duty. (Page 102).
    – He lied about being in Vietnam and being in combat. He told Dennis Anderson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune that “you haven’t hunted until you’ve hunted man”. The only man Ventura may have hunted would have been in a Minneapolis bookstore.
    – Bribed a candidate on July 17, 1998 in order to run unopposed in the Reform Party. Call for free video of the bribe.
    – Fixed the investigation of the July 1998 by bribing Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner with a job for her boyfriend John Wodele as his Communications Director.
    – Told single moms that they were on their own.
    – Told students in a speech at the Univ. of Minnesota to “win if you can, lose if you must, but Always Cheat”.
    – Insulted people who were religious or mentally ill.
    – Killed caged birds at a game farm with Maria Shriver.
    – Endorsed “torture” of people at Highway 55 where 600-law enforcement (the largest police action in Minnesota history) arrested peaceful protesters trying to prevent demolition of homes for a road. Many protesters were handcuffed behind their backs and had pepper spray put in their eyes (Page 4).
    – Ventura took government money to go to school in Hennepin County and later told students that if they were smart enough to go to college they should be able to figure out how to pay for it.

    Jesse Ventura


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