Baby dies of whooping cough in Victoria

The anti-vaxxers have another victim. Victoria’s has had its first whooping cough fatality in seven years with the death of a newborn baby at the Royal Children’s Hospital. I guess this is what Jenny McCarthy meant when she told Time Magazine that saving the children was going to take the return of deadly diseases. But I guess Jenny, humanitarian that she is, will just consider this collateral damage:

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Baby dies of whooping cough in Victoria on MSN …, posted with vodpod


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2 Responses to Baby dies of whooping cough in Victoria

  1. CriticalEyes says:

    How very sad…… I’m 66 now but back in 1955 when I was Ten, I had whooping cough. It took me a whole summer to get over it, and while my family spent the summer at the beach, I had to live with my grand-mother in sweltering Brooklyn, NY because going anywhere near salty air would bring on a coughing fit that would last for an hour. There was no vaccine for it back then like there is now…. These parents committed murder!

    • mjr256 says:

      In this case, I think the child was too young to receive the vaccine, so this looks more like a case where herd immunity wasn’t reached and so failed to protect those not old enough for the vaccine itself. I didn’t mean to imply I blamed the parents, whom for all I know, would have vaccinated their child at the appropriate time.

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