Victoria Jackson vs. Glee

I’ve never watched an episode of Glee, but its ability to constantly piss off the religious right makes me a fan. Now Victoria Jackson has come out condemning the show for reasons even she doesn’t seem to know:

This is Victoria Jackson at her most intelligible. I’m starting to think this is a Poe and she’ll one day come out and admit she’s just an AndyKaufman-like provocateur because nobody can be this stupid and delusional.

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2 Responses to Victoria Jackson vs. Glee

  1. han says:

    Victoria Jackson has been a Christian nutcase for a while now. Harping on the gay tendencies of a show that is basically televised musical theater is beyond ridiculous, and not at all surprising comig from her.

    However, I have to admit that I also hate Glee. The show is mind-numbingly, insultingly stupid. It offends me not as a Christian (which I most definitely am not), but as a writer who appreciates coherent, plausible narrative.

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