Latest FBI document on Roswell dissected

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Every once and awhile the news reports some alleged new evidence supporting the myth that space aliens crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. And for a long time, I too was a believer in the Roswell case was a legitimate report of alien visitation. The latest alleged evidence is an FBI document from 1950 by someone named Guy Hottel.

UFO enthusiasts are already touting this as smoking gun evidence for their particular belief but Steve Novella takes a closer look at what the document really says. Here’s just a small excerpt:

The body of the report is also very telling. The flying saucers are described as looking exactly like flying saucers looked from 1950s science fiction. This is the ship from Forbidden Planet. The aliens themselves are clothed in shimmering metallic fabric – again, right out of contemporary science fiction. This is three years after Roswell, and clearly the mythology had already evolved a bit. There was a rash of “flying saucer” reports at that time, and it’s no surprise that intelligence agencies were paying attention (especially in light of the growing cold war with the Soviet Union).

He sums up the report has featuring nothing but rumor being passed routinely up the chain of appropriate channels with no evidence it was ever taken seriously:

It reflects the popular culture of the time, and provides no real evidence or insight. This is not the smoking-gun that UFO enthusiasts have been hoping for.

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