Yes, he did!

Barack Obama is having the best week ever. Though I still wish he hadn’t bothered to take the Birther movement seriously enough to release his long form birth certificate, it does now seem to serve as the first event in a sequence of hugely positive PR moves this week. That was followed by his outstanding performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, mocking Donald Trump and the whole pseudo-controversy:

And now tonight came the coup de gras, the announcement that U.S. forces have killed Osama bin Laden. This week alone may have secured Obama his reelection and won over the support of many of his critics.

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One Response to Yes, he did!

  1. Vicki says:

    They also showed a video of bin Laden describing in detail how he engineered the destruction of the Twin Towers, how he had predicted the melting steel, etc. I hope this lays to rest all the twisted ideas of the 911 conspiracy theorists, but somehow I doubt it will. By the way, I love your blog, even though I also love listening to Coast-to-Coast radio and being entertained by all this stuff I don’t believe, either. I have never seen a UFO, an E.T., or a Shadow Person, nor have I ever experienced anything paranormal. And I don’t want to, either! I just enjoy hearing the stories. I wish you would go on the show as a guest. Now the conspiracy theorists will say they don’t believe bin Laden is dead because he was buried at sea, so without the body, there is no proof, and they won’t believe the photographs, either. The birthers still won’t be satisfied, either:

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