News From Around The Blogosphere 5.29.11

1. Murdering teen escapes punishment because she was possessed by evil spirits

Lorraine Mbulawa, 19, escaped jail after judge Mr Justice Keith accepted the girl had such strong beliefs in witchcraft and evil that she was acting upon what she was told to do by spirits.

2. Anti-vaxxers forcefully remove peaceful protester from their convention – Ken Reibel and Jamie Bernstein were both ejected from the anti-vaccine “Autism One” conference by 3 security guards and 4 police officers. Their crime: being recognized as dissenters of the movement’s ideology. This speaks volumes about the intellectual integrity of their movement. If anti-vaxxers attended TAM or NECSS, no one would kick them out unless they were actually disrupting the conference.

3. Catholic adoption agency shuts down rather than let gays adopt – Finally, a charity that has its priorities in place. Better a child grow up in an institution than risk that child being infected by evil, gay cooties. Good thinking there, Catholic Charities of Rockford! You guys are a class act all the way!

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4 Responses to News From Around The Blogosphere 5.29.11

  1. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    This way those children will grow up damaged enough to have to go to priests…. where they then can provide young asses for said priests to Diddle!!! Do you not get it yet folks…. the Katholickass church IS the enemy!

  2. baa baa black sheep says:

    I’m unsure of whether a gay couple would make good parents or not; however, for a church to support homosexualism in any way, they would permanently have to deface their beliefs. God loves all, but judges the unjust and sinful unmercifully. Remember Sodom? The word for anal sex was derived from the name of that city. In the last days, God told the Sodomites, “Repent from your sexual depravity, turn to Me, or I will rain down judgement.” Guess they didn’t care to heed the Almighty…so they were destroyed because they refused to stop sinning. The main sins: sexual depravity, i.e. sodomy, homosexual sex acts, fornication, etc… If God has not changed, why would His view of homosexuality change? It hasn’t, and it won’t. God loves people, but hates their sin, and once a person turns their back on God and refuses to lay down their sin, He will bring judgement. And not some stupid idea like Camping and May 21, but real judgement…like the AIDS virus that suddenly appeared in the gay community 25 years ago.
    Or, we could just allow an innocent boy/girl to grow up thinking two men being husband and wife is normal. How is a girl to learn what kind of man to be attracted to when both of her fathers will be women in principle? How will a boy learn to attract a girlfriend? A little girl will grow up without a real father figure, which will lead to more problems than any counselor is comfortable addressing. A little boy will grow up believing a gross demented, perverted lifestyle that is nothing more than sexual cannabalism. If you don’t believe men and women make a choice of who they will choose as a partner, then ask yourself this question: Why are you attracted to women/men? Literally, explain why a man is attracted to a woman, why a woman is attracted to a man. Anyone with a brain understands one simple concept about sexuality (male/female, not coitus): Man was born with a desire for relationship, and that desire is driven by the need to reproduce. It is not a mere development of nature, it is the essence of what makes us human.

    • mjr256 says:

      I don’t know whether a particular gay couple would make good parents either. But if you’re saying the mere fact that a couple is of the same sex can be used as a criteria alone for whether they would be good parents or not, that’s utterly absurd. Nobody is asking a religious organization to defy their beliefs. However, if they are publicly funded, then they are not permitted to discriminate regardless of their religious views. And if they are not publicly funded, then they’ve simply exposed both that they value their own bigotry over helping kids find homes as well as their own hypocrisy by not stoning gay parents to death, as expressly commanded in the Bible. If you think the Judeo-Christian god loves all, then I highly recommend you read the entire Bible from cover to cover. Boy, are you in for a rude awakening. And if you actually believe the stuff you posted above, you’re in no position to be mocking Harold Camping for believing “stupid ideas.” Your primitive understanding of human sexuality is so incomprehensible, I’m not going to waste my time addressing it.

  3. baa baa black sheep says:

    And to your comment ‘sayingwhatneedsaying’, the Catholic Church is full of depraved maniacs, just like any large establishment. Imagine the mind of a man who has taken a vow to remain celibate for an entire lifetime. I can’t imagine going more than a few years without sex before I’ll finally find a drunk girl who’s willing to go home with me. I’ve taken a vow of celibacy until marriage, but it becomes a constant struggle when I see beautiful woman after beautiful woman. A Catholic priest has the hardest job of any religious person. Imagine the kind of stuff he has to hear in the confession booth. Any time a man/woman committs sexual sins, they go into the booth, kneel down, and start to spill the beans to a man who has vowed never to have sex. Just think about that for a moment…..put yourself in his shoes and try to understand the immense task. You haven’t had sex in 20 years, and some super hot house wife comes in and starts confessing how she was out with her girlfriends and some guy starts seducing her. She has a moment of weakness and the two spend an evening of sex together. Oh and don’t forget about the super hot pool boy who did some service under the hood a few weeks ago. And this man has to deal with this stuff all the time! I’m no body to give compassion to a creep who molests children, but I think the flaw is in the system, more than in the individuals.
    There are people meant to live a single life, and they are few and far between; so, for the Catholics to just shove men into a position for which they were not meant, is heresy itself. There should be no surprises in hearing about sexual allegations of rape, molestations, etc. coming from a group of pedantic impostors such as the Catholic church.
    If these people stopped forcing priests to live a life of celibacy, and started embracing a man’s role as husband, father, and religious leader…in that order…the Catholic Church would have a much greater report with the people. Until Mel Gibson gets really drunk again and yells, “Get your hands off me, you damned dirty kike bastards,” at the police.

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