Ireland breaks up with the Catholic Church

Ireland seems to have had it with the Catholic Church’s child rape scandals and now are giving the Vatican the it’s not me, it’s youdefinitely you routine:

The airwaves are full of bitter remarks supporting Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s attack on the “disgraceful” Vatican, and recommending every anti-church measure from the dissolution of the monasteries to the expulsion of the Papal Nuncio and the severing of all links with the Holy See. (The recall of the Papal Nuncio this week marks the lowest point of relations between Ireland and Rome.)

One correspondent wrote that it was his ardent hope that the Catholic Church would follow the example of the News of the World, and hold a “last Mass” before shutting down.

The Taoiseach, meanwhile, has been met with standing ovations for his salvo against the Vatican for failing to respond with sufficient concern to the clerical sex abuse scandals as described in the Cloyne report.

This is a far cry from two decades ago when Sinead O’Connor was almost universally hated for declaring the previous Pope “the real enemy” while ripping up his picture on Saturday Night Live.

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5 Responses to Ireland breaks up with the Catholic Church

  1. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    I am enjoying the collapse of the Catholic Church….. Immensely!!!!

  2. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Time to tell the Pope………. Go fuck yourself!!!!!

  3. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    I hereby nominate Sinead O’Conner for Sainthood! Finally, someone who actually deserves it!!!!

  4. Octavian says:

    I remember Sinead O’Connor 20 years ago… it is like yesterday; her lovely bold head, but most of all her awesome voice. The Irish people always impressed me with their dance and music, and of course Paul McCartney is my hero. I think singing songs of love, like Paul does, brings the people together, not ripping up pope’s picture. I am not a catholic but I remember that I and others perceived her action as theatrical, more like “I am more successful than him, follow me not him”.

    The scientists can’t explain the origins of our 4D World without bringing in the equations more hyper dimensions. The M-theory would fail if Hawking and others like him would not build a top-down model of our World. We can’t see or perceive those extra dimensions, that’s why Mr. Hawking said that the Universe was created out of Nothing: “M-theory does not disprove God, but it makes Him Unnecessary; It predicts the Universe will be spontaneously created out of Nothing”. I guess the matter in a hyper dimensional form could be considered “infinite intelligent” therefore I care less if some people call it God, and others hyper dimensions. I do believe that it is the scientists’ job to make us understand better “the Mind of God”… and it is not anymore the job of the Religion or the New Age to do that. God has a new meaning for all of us in our era, which contradicts with that God that points his finger to Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
    Paradoxically saying that the Universe was spontaneously created out of Nothing is synonym with “spontaneously created out of God”. I think the Vatican needs a new “language” that is more open to science. Peace Octavian

  5. Octavian says:

    And here is the Light as metaphor for Truth before it embedded on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

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