The Mark – my directorial debut

Last week, I posted a short film I wrote. And in that post, I promised to put up another short that I recently directed.

This is the award for making it into the TOP TEN in the Asian American International Film Festival’s 72-hour Shootout. The short film, The Mark, is my directorial debut (not including little films I made in grad school). It was written, shot, and edited all in the span of 72 hours and made it into the top ten out of fifty entries:

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2 Responses to The Mark – my directorial debut

  1. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    I love it when a thief becomes the victim…………

  2. Octavian says:

    The movies is awsome and it should be also called Awaken. You should continue doing great movies like this one… mmm, thank you; what a great team. Do a parody of Shirley MacLaine’s biografical book “Out on a Limb” with one of your actors having that OBE flying around the Moon and enjoy seeing that big spiral galaxy, then flying again around the Moon but this time she would see an UFO, then Holly comet’s ass… Ha, Ha, Ha. Her “Guru” should be in the movie too. OMG seeing that spiral galaxy from the Moon is as true as Salim’s Psychic Reading… Ha, Ha, Ha. How can you see that galaxy from the Moon and not see it from Earth? Here is a short clip with the OBE (lucid dreaming would be more approriate, not OBE ha, ha, ha) Peace,Octavian

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