Julia Galef on The Ethics of Paranormal Investigation

My friend, Julia Galef, recently moderated a panel at The Amazing Meeting 9 on the topic of The Ethics of Paranormal Investigation. Since then, she has put up on Measure of Doubt, the blog she shares with her brother, these two videos discussing her own further thoughts on the subject:

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3 Responses to Julia Galef on The Ethics of Paranormal Investigation

  1. WrestlingHeretic says:

    I would be very interested in hearing Julia Galef explain her relationship to Eliezer Yudkowsky, whose personality cult LessWrong is devoted to all kinds of pseudoscientific speculations of the future, including apocalyptic visions of unfriendly AI, embrace of cryogenics, and who did not finish high school nor holds a degree in anything nor has an actual working job in the actual field of Artificial Intelligence. LessWrong is a site where insular “rationalists” use a bizarre lexicon of internal neologisms to communicate (not unlike Scientology), and where the hero-worship of Yudkowsky (or, simply Eliezer, as he is known in one word) is all-pervasive. Galef is a longtime LessWronger; Yudkowsky is on her “team” at the Center for Applied Rationality (CFAR).

  2. WrestlingHeretic says:

    Oh, and, Yudkowski is a libertarian, too.


  3. WrestlingHeretic says:

    I apologize; “Yudkowsky.” Oddly enough, in the link above, he is *debating* Michael Shermer, whose quote is on the masthead here.

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