Psychic Sally exposed as a fraud


Back in the 80’s, James Randi exposed “faith healer” Peter Popoff as a charlatan on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It seemed that Popoff was being fed information about his audience by his wife through an earpiece. When Randi and company found the right frequency, they managed to record Popoff’s wife feeding her husband everything he needed to know to appear as though “God” was directing him to the specific person he was to “heal.”

The earpiece has been a common tactic for those pseudo-psychic mentalists who are just too lazy to cold read and just want to have everything they need to know spoon-fed to them. Now  one such lazy “psychic” is Psychic Sally Morgan, who is clearly spotted in HER OWN VIDEO removing a hidden earpiece at the end of her act.

Of course, coward that she is, she’s actually threatening her accusers with legal action. I for one hope she does. It will be very entertaining listening to her try to prove her magic powers in court…which of course she would have to do in a defamation suit because, among other requirements, defamation cases demand that the defendants’ accusations are actually false. She’d also have to prove the defendants knowingly lied. Good luck with that, Sally. It doesn’t take a psychic to figure out that her threats of legal action are empty and that, if carried out, would only end in embarrassing defeat for her.

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4 Responses to Psychic Sally exposed as a fraud

  1. Octavian says:

    MRJ256 I always enjoy your posts. So, the psychics take advantage of those awesome discoveries in the Technical Field (in this case the earpiece)… not the New Age field… ha, ha, ha.
    Is there anything supernatural about New Age, or everything is based on “earpiece paranormal experiences”? At least when the illusionist David Copperfield does it, we know that everything is just entertainment and we love it. I hate when some people try to insult our intelligence just to make a quick buck. Octavian

  2. Reuben says:

    A psychic is a fraud? Did they really need to investigate? Isn’t a psychic, by definition, a fraud?

  3. C williams says:

    People who need photographs and information are not genuine. People don’t realise it but what they do here will affect them spiritually and they are answerable for what they have done here. If someone knows they are deceiving people they are aware here that they have no gift and have acted dishonestly and they acquire debt . Psychic sally relies on information in order to do what she does but the worst thing of all is does she really have peace of mind with what she does. A genuine medium does not need anything in order to do a reading. Its clear she has been busted and I am glad I have known for a long time that she was a fraud she should be honest with the people that she has deceived and give then their money back because that would be decent. .

  4. Drewsmuse says:

    Eh, she won her case, chum. Ooops 😦

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