To celebrate our surviving another apocalype: comedy

Yes, shockingly Harold Camping got it wrong…again. So since I’m still not burning in Hell, what else is there to do but laugh at religion?

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4 Responses to To celebrate our surviving another apocalype: comedy

  1. Jaynice says:

    🙂 hello Mjr
    i would like to inform you that our Earth and Solar System is entering a Photon Belt which is made of Gamma Rays and thus very soon in the Mayan Calendar of Time, the Time of Night will be unseen for 2000 years.
    and no stars shall be seen because we will be existing in permenant Light….

    BUT before this occurs will be a moment when the Sun has entered the Null Zone and then for Earth there will be 3 days or72 hours of darkness.

    When this moment eventuates it its vitally important that you do not go outside no matter what,

    cover all windows with black paper and light candles and keep candles burning for the time of darkness, also would be called “the end of time”
    because in the Photon Belt of Light there will be no darkness nor night and thus we will not caluculate Time anymore

    IF you are a sceptic and do go out side, you along with everything else will be scorched.
    for it is prophesised that everthing exposed through the time of darkness perishes
    ….maybe this is the hell that “religion” is stating which has been writen of in the bible, a book that actually began being written when there were still those who had the story handed down to them of the last period of Light, or The Golden Age, 13000 years ago.

    Fear can also kill you through this time of darkness and burning, but as long as you cncentrate on breathing you will find that you will be okay and survive, … so those who do want to learn to overcome all fear should practice breathing methods, like from now on…

    Whenever you want to know if something is True or Real, then 1 source of information is actually not enough, and those who have wisdom will look to Science+Religion+Mythology+Prophesy, and STUDY the Ancient carvings and paintings to gleen UNDERSTANDING and KNOWLEDGE.
    these together will give you all the guidence and perhaps answers you will ever need for these last nights and days, before the end of time =72 hours of darkness and scorching
    and into eternal light for a cycle of 2000 years and then again will come the emergence of darkness, then the 1st night and another 13000 years till the re-emergence into the Photo Belt.

    No need to be hard on a guy that has made a miscalculation, we all make mistakes
    instead wonder what it is that he is talking about and Learn for yourself what the Truth may actually be.

    Learn and Prepare
    thats my advice to Everyone
    Do iT so that you can Breathe and Know that you can make it if you try.
    or in the words of Yoda
    “Do or do not, there is no try”
    Love to you all
    from Jaynice.

  2. Lurker111 says:

    This is some of the best satire I have read in a while. Even the style of the text mocks those who believe woo. Well done, Jaynice!

  3. Jaynice says:

    🙂 Thanks

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