Skeptics exposed

One of the great things about the skeptical community is that, unlike many other movements, we can laugh at ourselves. This might explain why the following video has gone viral:

I too am guilty of uttering many of these cliches. Perhaps this is a sign that we need to start changing up our rhetoric and finding new clever expressions to become tomorrow’s cliches.

On another note, I know this was a short one. I’m still kind of on hiatus, which I hope will end soon.


2 Responses to Skeptics exposed

  1. Octavian says:

    Sadly to say that there are many TV evangelists and none of TV Skeptics shows… The people must understand that none of those unfortunate people who lost their limbs in accidents or elsewhere did not grow others in place because they strongly believed in Jesus. The people had Lucid Dreams in the past like they do in the present time, and no matter how real those experiences appeared to be they were not paranormal. In the past some people believed they talked to God (for instance on the mountain Moses talked to the burning bush), talked to Satan (Jesus meditating in the desert) or other Gods (Plato’s father talked to Apollo several times), or with Star Travelers (the contactees from our present time), OBE (Shirley MacLaine’s soul journey to the Moon … and of course she could not see that huge galaxy by the Moon and not seeing it from Earth… therefor everything happened inside her brain) etc . I do not deny their experiences, I strongly believe they had them… lifelike, just that those experiences were not paranormal.
    “we need to start changing up our rhetoric and finding new clever expressions to become tomorrow’s cliches.” Yes, yes, yes the video looks like it was done for the Comedy Channel though the guy speaks the truth (I enjoyed it by the way…) Just listen to those TV evangelists; they are so serious about their dissertation that people easily believe them without questioning them. I enjoy MJR256’ posts they “speak” the truth. Many thanks Octavian

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