Skeptics unite to discuss how you can get involved in promoting good skepticism

March 26, 2009

In 2007, Junior Skeptic Editor Daniel Loxton wrote an essay entitled, Where Do We Go From Here, that addressed the future of skeptical activist, which he recited on the Skepticality podcast.

But many people wanted to know how they could get involved and what’s the next step. So now a league of 13 extraordinary skeptics, including Loxton, have assembled to address just that.

Those thirteen skeptics include:
Daniel Loxton (Junior Skeptic magazine); Benjamin Radford (Skeptical Inquirer magazine); Dr. Eugenie Scott (National Center for Science Education); Jeff Wagg (James Randi Educational Foundation); D.J. Grothe (Point of Inquiry podcast); Brian Dunning (Skeptoid podcast); Dr. Karen Stollznow (The Skeptic magazine); Robynn “Swoopy” McCarthy (Skepticality podcast); Kylie Sturgess (Skeptic Zone podcast); Tim Farley (What’s the Harm? and Skeptools websites); Dr. Randy Olson (Flock of Dodos documentary); Pat Linse (Skeptic magazine); Jay Novella (The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast)

One of those skeptics is Kylie Sturgess, one of my partners on Stop Jenny McCarthy. It’s a pretty awesome collection of people (except for Randy Olson, whose 2 appearances on Skepticality convinced me he was a dick).

Anyway, hope this inspires lots of others to get involved in skeptical activism.

And on a similar note, Skeptologist Mark Edward makes some more suggestions regarding skeptical activism here.