Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis expelled from home-schooling conference

March 22, 2011

A few days ago, Ken Ham was Tweeting the upcoming home-schooling conference. It’s not a surprise to hear a religious nut is a big fan of home-schooling. Over 90% of home-schooled children come from batshit insane religious families. Home-schooling is the favorite education system of those who deny reality because they hate the idea of their kids being talks actual facts that disagree with their kooky beliefs.

Unfortunately for the religiously deluded, the feeling isn’t mutual and the home-schooling industry is slightly less fond of Ham and Answers in Genesis, whom they’ve disinvited from attending their conference. Now you might think it’s because they’re trying to garner some margin of respectability but no. The Advisory Board proudly admits to being “100% young earth” and to [chuckling] sharing “AIG’s perspective from a scientific standpoint.” The only reason they disinvited AiG is because Ham publicly criticized the aspects of the convention and its other scheduled speakers, so they decided to take their ball back and go home to cry to their mommies:

Our Board believes Ken’s comments to be unnecessary, ungodly, and mean-spirited statements that are divisive at best and defamatory at worst.

Ooh, ungodly! That Ken Ham is a big meany, he is.

Ken has obviously felt led to publicly attack our conventions and a number of our speakers. We believe that what Ken has said and done is unChristian and sinful. A number of attendees are demanding explanations from our board and we must respond to them.

So it’s not so much that Ham is being “unChristian” so much as it’s a political tactic to quell the anger of their other speakers whom Ham offended. It’s like all those people Obama fired from his administration because they said things that were taken out of context by the Republicans to drum up controversy. It’s not so much that what they said was so bad in context but that Obama just wanted to quickly resolve a controversy that was making him look bad.

Oddly, I almost feel like defending Ham for once because the home-schooling industry is actually indoctrinating students under the guise of a legitimate education program and because they seem to be acting so childishly about a little criticism. It’s almost comical the way they argue that one of the core values is that we believe that good people can disagree and still be good people (except presumably for those evil, godless evil-utionists) while in the process of dis-inviting a speaker over a little criticism. When Sam Harris ruffled some feathers at the American Atheist Convention a few years ago, nobody struck him off the speakers list at future conferences. That’s because we don’t just pay lip service to alternative opinions; we actually show the courage of our conviction to listen to opinions we might not agree with. Ken Ham is still an ass though.

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This Week In God 7.16.10

July 17, 2010

1. Vatican equates ordaining women with raping children – Well I guess they’d know better than anyone. Still, I’m inclined to agree with PZ Myers, who in the above link, points out that this is a duel insult in that it manages to simultaneously downplay the seriousness of child rape and insult women at the same time. Seriously, who is running their PR Dept? Mel Gibson?

2. Vatican’s New Rules on sex abuse – No, they don’t say anything about reporting clergy rapists to the proper authorities. If they did that, who’d be left to run the Church?

Not like dusting crops

3. Answers in Genesis discover secret to faster than light travel…or not – Listen, if Scotty can’t violate the laws of physics, what would make AiG think they could:

Moreover, I have found both Scriptural and scientific support for this solution. This has led to the development of a new cosmological model which makes testable predictions. I have nearly finished writing a technical paper on this topic, which will shortly be sent to various experts for qualified peer-review. If it passes peer-review, we will publish the paper in the Answers Research Journal. This is our free, online journal. So be watching for it. If the paper gains the support of experts in the field, I may later write a non-technical article that summarizes the model.

Stop, stop. You lost me at Answers Research Journal.

4. Glenn Beck credits the Jews for saving all humanity– Well actually Count Beckula blamed them for Jesus’ death. But when you think about it:

A. Didn’t Jesus commit suicide?

B. Isn’t the central doctrine of Christianity that Jesus dying was the greatest news in history and the means on which he saved humanity? So wouldn’t that make killing Jesus be a good thing?

5. The Greatest Hoax On Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution – Yup, there’s another book to add to the great big pile of inevitably unsuccessful and horribly unoriginally titled literature by Christians who have nothing new or original to say but try to  piggy-back on the success of far more successful rationalist literature like “The Dawkins Delusion?” or “The Devil’s Delusion”, “God Is No Delusion”, or “Letter To A Christian Nation: Counterpoint.” This is also the second of these books in which the publishers felt they required a Jeopardy title that’s in the form of a question. One wonders though if creationists are aware of the irony of their constantly selecting variations on the titles of successful rational books because it’s advantageous to piggy-back on traits that have already proven successful.

6. Creationists reframe lack of accreditation – The Institute for Creation Research was denied the freedom to issue degrees by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. But nobody seems to have told whoever writes their website, which claims they offer a Master of Christian Education (M.C.Ed.) degree. According to their FAQ page:

11. Is ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics program accredited?

Due to the nature of ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics—a predominantly religious education school—it is exempt from licensing by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Likewise, ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics is legally exempt from being required to be accredited by any secular or ecumenical or other type of accrediting association.

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Time to get help for that Coke addiction

June 10, 2009

Coca Cola has officially become a corporate partner with the Creation “Museum”. Actually, according to Answers in Genesis, Coca Cola has been since April. You can feel free to complain to Coca Cola yourself here.

Personally, this just clinches it. I’m a Pepsi drinker now, especially since PepsiCo has been the bigoted American Family Association’s number 1 enemy since they continued to very actively support the LGBT community despite the threats by such outraged organizations of massive boycotts. It seems that as far as corporations go, PepsiCo actually has standards and will stick to their guns without bowing down to the religious fanatics.

So suck it, Coca Cola! You may be the choice of Young Earth Creationists. But Pepsi’s the choice of a new generation that’s interested in progress.

Answers in Genesis produces a commercial

April 14, 2009

Yeaaah. I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

I think the commercial should have ended with the slogan:

“Religion:  A reason to be a douchebag.”

News From Around The Blogosphere 11.30.08

December 1, 2008

vaccine1Reduced MMR Equals More Measles – A Measles epidemic has hit the UK, thanks to fewer people getting MMR vaccines largely due to antivaccination propaganda. Here are some inconvenient statistics for them.

10 Incredibly Dangerous Doctors – Dr. Doom and Dr. Octopus didn’t make the list.

creationistsExciting creationist breakthrough in the Answers Research Journal – If there was a gold medal for irony, Shalini over at Teen Skepchick deserves it.

An awesome creation scientist has discovered that:

From a creation view, it appears, then, that the origin of microbial based disease has at least two primary causes, (1) post-Fall genetic alteration of the original good microbe and/or (2) post-Fall displacement or movement of the microbe from the site where it performed its beneficial function.

This makes so much sense, is good science, has been proven by our brilliant research methods of reading Genesis, reading Genesis again and praying. . .

shredding-constitutionCreationism: The Latest In Military Suicide Prevention – Air Force Chaplain Christian Biscotti thinks the best way to convince people not to commit suicide is to teach them nonsense.

How do you protest The Pope’s visit to World Youth Day in Australia? Build your own Pope-mobile:

Actress Catherine Dent talks about Religious Discrimination in support of’s campaign to safeguard separation of church and state.

Last year The Astrological Magazine ceased production – In their words, it was “due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.” Oh, the irony!

Pareidolia in Halifax

Some believe this window shows the silhouette of a priest who lost his head in an explosion. And allegedly, no matter how many times the church has tried to clean the window, or change the glass, the image remains. Of course, I agree with Some Canadian Skeptic in suspecting that they’ve never actually tried to change the window.


scientist-use-in-case-of-emergencyCommon Cold Virus Came From Birds? – “A virus that causes cold-like symptoms in humans originated in birds and may have crossed the species barrier around 200 years ago, according to a new article published in the Journal of General Virology. Scientists hope their findings will help us understand how potentially deadly viruses emerge in humans.”

Route To Obesity Passes Through Tongue – “Obesity gradually numbs the taste sensation of rats to sweet foods and drives them to consume larger and ever-sweeter meals, according to neuroscientists. Findings from the Penn State study could uncover a critical link between taste and body weight, and reveal how flab hooks the brain on sugary food.”

Virtual Ears And The Cocktail Party Effect – “Oxford University research has helped understanding of the so-called ‘cocktail party effect’ – how our brains develop the ability to pinpoint and focus on particular sounds among a background of noise.

The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, has implications for the emergence of hearing abilities in children and for restoring hearing after fitting hearing aids and cochlear implants.”

News From Around The Blogosphere 10.21.08

October 22, 2008

The British Humanist Association, with the support of Richard Dawkins, has raised nearly £30,000 to place atheist posters on the side of buses – I have to agree with Skepchick tkingdoll and say it’s a great idea but a poor slogan: “There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and get on with your life.”

Further proof that Brigham Young University is a crappy school – BYU has yanked the diploma of a man who created a calendar featuring shirtless Mormon missionaries and was later excommunicated from the church.

Mocking Noah’s Ark – Answers in Genesis isn’t laughing, but the rest of us are.


Keith Olbermann goes off on crazy Minnesota congressman

But wait! There’s more! – A good Christian homeschooling mom who sees the notion of a “gay-friendly” school being blown up by radical terrorists as justice:

A friend recently sent me this article about a “gay-friendly” high school. If we were living in a biblical society, homosexuality would be punishable by death so such a school would be unnecessary. Although I’m against the special accommodations, perhaps this new trend of segregation will protect straight kids from these predators. With any luck, some radical will blow up the gay school. No, I’m not condoning vigilantism–I’m merely saying that it would be poetic justice.

Yet another reason why if heaven exists, I wouldn’t like the company.

And a bulletproof case for Obama being a Socialist Muslim.

Abortion divides Catholic voters – Some won’t vote for a candidate who is pro-choose and others have at least some measure of priorities. And here is another story related to the Catholic vote.

But at least Obama has the much coveted celebrity vote:

Revenge of the clones – “What happens when a group of streptococci stick to cells in your throat and start to make toxins? Your body fights back by making clones.”

Good news for solar power

Researchers have made a new material that promises to greatly increase the efficiency of solar cells. It works by collecting photons over a wider spectrum of wavelengths and by using both fluorescence and phosphorescence to create an electron flow, allowing it to both collect more energy per unit area and facilitating the production of current.

MacGyvering a medical centrifuge – ” Harvard University chemists have built a centrifuge with some plastic tubing, tape, and an egg beater. It can separate plasma from blood cells, and could help doctors in remote villages perform simple lab tests.”


Should Every Child By Two try to get on Oprah’s show? – I was initially in favor of it but Orac has made some good points, so I’m currently undecided on the issue.

Antivaccinationist wacko Kim Stagliano to join fellow cohorts David Kirby, RFK, Jr., and Deirdre Imus at the Huffington Post – I believe the Huffington Post’s slogan I believe is: “All the bullshit we can legally print.”

Antivaccinationist Gary Null demanding that vaccines be 100% safe! – What a freakin’ jackass! That is a False Continuum and very the height of denialism: well it isn’t 100% safe, so it’s like it’s 0% safe and I don’t want it. Seriously, this guy sounds so over the top you’d almost swear this were satire.

Phil Plait goes off on Jenny McCarthy – Wow! Phil rarely covers the antivaccine movement in his blogs but that’s 2 days in a row. Awesome! promoting astrology

Puncturing the Acupuncture Myth

News From Around The Blogosphere 10.11.08

October 12, 2008

The war is almost over in North CarolinaLast month, I blogged about the campaign to bring creationism into the Brunswick school district in North Carolina. Well the good news is that reason is winning. And even the media seems surprisingly to be on our side.

When faced with undeniable proof of ant Evolution, Answers in Genesis chooses to deny it – Anyone knows that an ant, can’t move a creationist. BUT HE’S GOT HIGH HOPES! HE’S GOT HIGH HOPES! Oops there goes another creationist argument!

[W]hile it is clear that this ant is quite different from many other ants, we don’t buy the logic that difference proves something about evolution. For one thing, the different structures of this ant explain why its DNA is so different; for another, its differences show it has adapted well to its environment.

Orac identifies the 4 primary frames of the vaccination movement – And here is his review of Paul Offit’s book, “Autism’s False Prophets.”

And in a related story, the antivaccinationist website Age of Autism is declaring victory and exploiting a news story about a court settlement in which the parents of 1-year old Madyson Williams will receive $250,000 from the government for the death of their daughter. The parents claimed the MMR vaccine was responsible.

A. This was a settlement and not a legal victory.

B. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the AoA claim that vaccines cause autism.

Rather it instead supports the theory that Age of Autism really is simply anti-vaccine and are only interested in flinging any dirt they can find in a misguided attempt to discredit vaccines.


Stem Cell, DNA Secrets To Speed Therapies – “In a groundbreaking study led by a molecular biologist at Florida State University, researchers have discovered that as embryonic stem cells turn into different cell types, there are dramatic corresponding changes to the order in which DNA is replicated and reorganized.”

News From Around The Blogosphere 10.7.08

October 8, 2008


California caves to dopey demands of homophobic bigots – I blogged about Rachel Bird and Gideon Codding before. This was the couple that was so outraged that California changed the language on their marriage licenses from “bride” and “groom” to “Party A” and “Party B” in accordance with California law now legalizing gay marriage that they childishly opted not to sign their paperwork and to protest. Well apparently they won their case and the language is returning to what it was before. PZ Myers had a good suggestion though:

Now gay couples getting married in California will have to get their revenge: they should cheerfully appropriate the terms bride and groom, too. Rachel Bird can call herself a bride (she could all along, of course), but so can the biggest, butchest, bristly-bearded gay leatherman with a biker mustache…and he should be able to get state recognition of his status as a bride.

Westboro Baptist Church to protest at Joe Biden’s mother-in-law’s funeral – I don’t really know why I still report about these attention-seeking, media whore’s except that as someone trying to convince people to reject religion, these guys make my job so much easier.

Answers in Genesis is praying for Bill Maher – Apparently,

He is definitely a poster boy for “lostness.”

This is great because when Bill never accepts their nonsense, it will serve as yet another proof that PRAYER DOESN’T WORK!

Nudie Church – It’s how Adam and Eve would have held church services. And wouldn’t you know it, other Christians aren’t too happy about it.

Obesity and health – Despite the obvious evidence that obesity is linked to serious health risks, some deniers still won’t accept it.


Deja vu – Fresh on the heels of 1 pathetic study that the mainstream media touted as proof that acupuncture was effective in treating hot flashes comes yet another absurd study suggesting hypnosis is effective in treating hot flashes. You won’t believe what the flaws in the study are:

That’s right, there is no placebo control group. It’s no treatment versus hypnosis. Remember yet again, as I’ve discussed before, hot flashes are highly subject to the placebo effect. Indeed, placebo effects as high as 40% have been documented in previous studies.

I’m starting to think I should urinate in a cup, get just 1 woman with hot flashes to drink it, and if she gets better over time to just market it as effective in treating hot flashes.

Alt. Med.: not just for people anymore – Alternative Medicine has been making a killing marketing to pet owners. And it’s really easy to do because your pets can’t tell you these guys are quacks.

Shruggie (noun): a person who doesn’t care about the science versus pseudoscience debate – Newest Science-Based Medicine blogger Val Jones recounts her journey from indifference towards crap-based pseudoscience to skeptical blogger.


Republicans smear Senate candidate Kay Hagan for meeting with atheists – I’ve blogged about this race in North Carolina between Hagan and anti-atheist bigot Elizabeth Dole. And so far, Hagan is still winning but like McCain when he’s down in the polls, Dole seems to now be trying to exploit Hagan’s attendance at a fundraiser last month held by 2 atheists who were very active with the ACLU, continue to stand for the rights of the oppressed, work with church/state separation group. Here is the despicable mailing that just went out from the North Carolina Republican State Executive Committee about Hagan.


Bill Donohue draws more attention to Crackergate aka The Eucharist Challenge:

Under the name fsmdude, a Canadian man, Dominique, has posted over 40 videos on YouTube desecrating the Eucharist. Catholic League president Bill Donohue responds as follows:

“On September 29, I wrote to YouTube CEO Chad Hurley asking him to take down these offensive videos. I left a phone message for him on October 3, but he refuses to respond. Accordingly, I have posted my own video on YouTube calling attention to this matter.

So I expect FSMdude to see a large increase in visitors now that Donohue has actually helped publicize his videos on YouTube. Good thinkin’ Bill. I highly recommend everyone visit Bill’s video page, comment on it, and rate it a full 5 stars. Let’s make sure everyone knows about the Eucharist Challenge.

And here are some more related videos: here and here.

Behold God’s giant golden footprint – Another example of pareidolia:

Vote Big Foot/Nessie:


Are humans still evolving? – According to geneticist Steve Jones human evolution is grinding to a halt. Tell that to the formerly 12-fingered actress Gemma Arterton, who’s playing the newest Bong girl in Quantum of Solace.

University of Oklahoma goes off my “don’t know anything about you” list and onto my “Awesome” list – They’re offering a year of Darwin celebrations to celebrate his big 200th anniversary.


Snippets Of DNA Withstand Eons Of Evolution – “Small stretches of seemingly useless DNA harbor a big secret, say researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. There’s one problem: We don’t know what it is. Although individual laboratory animals appear to live happily when these genetic ciphers are deleted, these snippets have been highly conserved throughout evolution.”

My review of Religulous

October 6, 2008

First, I would like to discuss another’s review of the film. Answers in Genesis offers up yet another review of Religulous, this time a harsher one from Ken Ham himself who appears in the film – Funny how all of a sudden Ken Ham has a problem with using deceptive tactics to get the interview when he didn’t have any trouble with the arguably more deceptive tactics used on the “evolutionists” for the creationist mockumentary Expelled. In fact, his organization fully endorsed that movie. He also condemns Maher for cutting and pasting the interview (Did he think the movie would just be 2 hours of him and Maher talking?) and dares Maher to show the whole interview–which will likely become an amusing demand if Maher follows the model of many other documentary films like this and includes the unedited interviews as bonus features on the DVD. But also, it seems as though Ham has seen a very different cut of the movie than I have:

“Even though Maher also mocked Jews, Muslims, and others, the major theme of the movie was to denigrate Christianity.”

Um, no. It pretty much hit all the major religions equally, and far more respectfully than I expected.

“Most of those Maher interviewed were not in mainstream Christianity or were carefully chosen because they were not equipped to be able to answer his probing questions, in an attempt to make Christians look like absolute “nut cases” who had no idea why they believed what they did—and of course, we are sure there were cut-and-paste jobs all the way through to ensure people came off poorly.”

Maher chose a broad variety that ranged from mainstream religions to more fringe groups like Mormons and Scientologists to ordinary citizens, the latter of which, yes, were easy targets set up for the slaughter. And no, it doesn’t really take much to make Christians look like absolute “nut cases” when they freely admit things like that they believe the Jonah story. And newsflash, pretty much ever documentary is a “cut-and-paste” job. And to Maher’s credit, he actually often left the camera running quite a while without cuts to allow his subject to speak and thus hang themselves.

And the theme of the movie was basically Maher saying over and over again that one “can’t know” about what will happen when you die and that one “can’t know” the truth about life. But even though Maher told us over and over again “we can’t know,” he did know that we “can’t know.” So if he insisted, we “can’t know,” how is it that he could be sure we “can’t know,” when he was trying to force on people all the way through the movie that his view that he knows for sure that you “can’t know?” Oh—and that was only one of the many, many logical fallacies that Maher committed throughout the movie.

Okay, is this even a serious question? Did Ken not hear the end voiceover where Bill explains exactly why he felt this film had to be made and why he felt his opinion needed to be heard? And exactly what logical fallacy would that be, Ken?

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, what were my thoughts of Religulous? I really liked it. Maher never mentions atheism once, which suits me fine since in the promotion of the film he’s been mis- characterizing atheism anyway as the absolute dogmatic certainty that there is no god. I’ve yet to meet anyone who fits this definition. And the final voiceover in the film easily could have been written by Sam Harris. The primary message of the film is very much in line with Sam Harris’ rhetoric more than any of the other Four Horsemen of atheism, that religious moderates are complicit in the crimes of religious radicals by providing cover for them and that both religion and faith are likely to end the world unless they are kept at bay by reason and rationality.

Also, as I mentioned before when commenting on Ken Ham’s review of the film, I was very impressed at how long some of the shots ran for when one of the Bill’s subjects was arguing their side. A lesser filmmaker might have done a far worse hatchet job to get funny sound bites (not that there aren’t plenty of those too). There was a particularly lengthy section of him just talking to the man who plays Jesus at the Holy Land amusement park in Florida and really kept in a lot of what “Jesus” wanted to say.

Another great highlight of the film was when Bill had heard enough from this Holocaust denier and just got up and left. This is the only time he’s seen walking out in the middle of an interview in the film. Hilarious and totally appropriate.

I would have liked him to have spent a little bit more time on $cientology but then again, A. $cientology isn’t a religion but a cult in the strictest sense of the word and, B., if he’d messed with the $cientologists, their minions would no doubt have followed him everywhere and try to sabotage the film or sue him for lots of money. So maybe it’s better for him to have just touched on them briefly. Besides it would have been redundant after the Mormon goons forced him to leave their property while threatening legal action. Speaking of which, I’m glad he mentioned their magic underwear and interviewed some Ex-Mormons, who explained some of the religion’s nuttier beliefs (like most of them), even including some footage from the banned cartoon showing the Mormon beliefs in all their absurdity that’s become viral on the internet:

Ultimately, this was an awesome movie that didn’t take as many cheap shots as you’d expect from this type of documentary genre, popularized by Michael Moore. And the final voiceover knocks it out of the park. Good job, Bill.

News From Around The Blogosphere 9.24.08

September 25, 2008

The creationists over at Uncommon Descent aren’t too fond of Barack Obama right now . . . but I’m darned proud of him. The kid grows up so fast:

Do you believe that evolution by means of natural selection is a sufficient explanation for the variety and complexity of life on Earth? Should intelligent design, or some derivative thereof, be taught in science class in public schools?

Obama: I believe in evolution, and I support the strong consensus of the scientific community that evolution is scientifically validated. I do not believe it is helpful to our students to cloud discussions of science with non-scientific theories like intelligent design that are not subject to experimental scrutiny.

A McCain candidacy may mean not a penny for science research & education

I feel embarrassed for anti-vaccinationist David Kirby – A few days ago, I posted about a review in Salon Magazine of Dr. Paul Offit’s book about the anti-vaccinationists. Well over at Age of Autism David Kirby wrote a childish and insulting rebuttal to the review. This only led to an even greater bitch-slapping at the hands of the original reviewer.

I haven’t seen the pilot episode of the new show, The Mentalist, but it’s got the Dr. Phil Plait seal of approval, so it’s worth checking out. Though Phil’s not the best entertainment critic in the world. The guy didn’t like Revenge of the Sith or the recent War of the Worlds. But it sounds like this show is super pro-skepticism. So I can’t wait to watch it on the internet.


Answers in Genesis endorses ironically named “Kids4Truth” and apparently Lego for putting humans and dinosaurs together. Though to give them a little credit, at least AiG aren’t delusional enough to think Lego intends any deliberate endorsement of the ridiculous notion that humans and dinosaurs actually lived together:

“I’m sure the Lego people are not intentionally promoting a biblical worldview—but I had to smile when I saw this Lego set with people and dinosaurs together. The evolutionists must grind their teeth when they see this.”

And I had to smile that a company from famously secular Denmark meets with Ken Ham’s approval. And while I still am not entirely sure what an “evolutionist” is, if it means people who accept the reality of evolution then I have no objective to Lego’s years of service contributing to children’s imaginary play and encouraging creativity at an early age. You see, some of us who played with Legos as children learned how to distinguish reality from fantasy. I think The Bible says something about that:

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, and reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up my childish ways.” (1 Corinthians 13:11)


In case you need more proof that PETA is insane – The executive vice president of PETA wrote an open letter to the ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s suggesting they consider replacing the cow’s milk used in their ice cream with . . .

Can you guess? Yeah, human breast milk . . . seriously! Somehow I think if the people at PETA had gotten their breast milk as children in the first place maybe they wouldn’t be such total freaks. If implemented Orac thinks it’ll require human farms to produce that much milk. If so, I’ll volunteer some of my time to do the milking.

And here’s an EPIC FAIL on the part of the media:

That whole recent acupuncture study suggesting acupuncture helped women with hot flashes – Yeah, that was bullshit. Big surprise. And Steve Novella takes on this study here. I’ve also included a link to both responses on my original blog about this study here.


Formula Discovered For Longer Plant Life – “Molecular biologists from Tuebingen, Germany, have discovered how the growth of leaves and the aging process of plants are coordinated.”

Dark Chocolate Helps Check Heart Attack Risk – “Though the news is still good for them: 6.7 grams of chocolate per day represent the ideal amount for a protective effect against inflammation and subsequent cardiovascular disease.