News From Around The Blogosphere 6.11.10

June 11, 2010

Stupid me. I always grab pictures from the wrong youth organization

1. Phili yanks Boy Scouts of America’s rent-free space – It’s been long known that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are given privilege in the U.S. despite being a fundamentally bigoted organization that openly discriminates against gays and atheists. Well now one American city is fighting back. Philadelphia is now insisting the local BSA chapter must pay the standard $200,000 in annual rental fees using public space. The BSA has responded by suing and declaring that the the local chapter does not follow the national BSA’s discrimination policies. The Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia is organizing a rally this weekend to draw attention to the issue.

2. Just when you thought Mississippi schools couldn’t get any lower – For the past several months, the evolving controversy surrounding a Mississippi high school’s despicable treatment of openly lesbian teen Constance McMillen had made national news. Then recently reports came out of another lesbian teen being discriminated against by her high school. So I guess this makes strike three. It has just come out that Alice Hawley, a math teacher at Franklin County High School in Mississippi, has for the past 17 years been leading student prayers in class. To the schools credit, they did demand her to stop once her actions became national news, and then when Hawley refused to sign a document stating she understands the law on these matters, the school fired her despicable ass. But to the schools discredit, they just rehired her a day later. That’ll teach her!

Open letter to Mississippi schools:


3. The Fightin’ Hitchens Brothers – The disparity of views between brothers Christopher and Peter Hitchens is an endless source of amusement. I have to think this is what it’s like at the Baldwin family gatherings between Alec and Stephen Baldwin. And now it turns out that almost simultaneously, a memoir from each Hitchens brother has hit book stands. The books sound like they are polar opposites. And while Peter’s book sounds like it’s obsessed with Christopher and making excuses for why Christopher kicked his ass in a public debate, Peter is practically but a footnote in the elder Hitchens’ memoir, Hitch-22.

Galileo's actual middle finger--suck it, Charles!

4. Prince Charles blames Galileo for the world’s problems

The Prince of Wales has blamed a lack of belief in the soul for the world’s environmental problems, and said that the planet cannot sustain a population expected to reach 9 billion in 40 years.

He said he found it “baffling” that so many scientists professed a faith in God yet this had little bearing on the “damaging” way science was used to exploit the natural world.

The Prince pinned part of the blame on Galileo. Criticising the profit imperative behind much scientific research, he said: “This imbalance, where mechanistic thinking is so predominant, goes back at least to Galileo’s assertion that there is nothing in nature but quantity and motion.

Here that, Galileo. Prince Charles has had enough of your heliocentric nonsense! In response to Prince Charles, I encourage my limey friends across the pond to throw telescopes at him.

News From Around The Blogosphere 3.11.10

March 12, 2010

1. School cancels prom to turn students against gay teen – Constance McMillen was planning to wear a tuxedo and attend the prom with her girlfriend in a small town in Itawamba County, Mississippi. And after the ACLU stopped the school from denying her right to attend the prom the school got even by canceling the whole thing and making the student body know it was McMillen’s fault. And the town’s mayor chimed in, supporting the school. Because that’s just the kind of classy folks they have in Itawamba County, Mississippi.

2. Zimbabwe anti-vax religious sect gets 100 killed – Who needs vaccines when you’ve got prayer? Except, you know, if you actually want people to live.

3. Pope’s exorcist finds the devil isn’t in the details but in the Vatican – Rev. Gabriel Amorth has the silliest resume on Earth. He’s been the chief exorcist for the Vatican for 25 years. His favorite movie? You guessed it. It’s The Exorcist. He alleges to have treated over 70,000 cases of demonic possession and sadly, I have no reason to doubt that claim.

But even the fearless priest becomes still, his voice grave when asked whether the devil can strike inside the Vatican City.


“He has tried already. He did it in 1981 by attacking John Paul II by working with those who armed Ali Agca. And also now with the attack on Christmas Eve night when the crazy woman pushed down Benedict XVI.”

. . .

Amorth confesses, “The devil resides in the Vatican.”While admitting that it is hard to prove, he says the consequences of the devil’s work are evident: Cardinals who don’t believe in Jesus, bishops who are linked with the devil. As early 1972 Pope Paul VI talked about the “smoke of Satan” that hovered in the Vatican, but it is more recent events like the pedophilia scandal the church is confronted with and the grisly murder by a Swiss guard of his commander and wife that Amorth uses as evidence of the devil’s presence.

Apparently humans can’t do anything against the Church without it being attributed to the devil.

4. More child abuse for Catholics to downplay – Two ex-Vienna choir boys have come out with accusations that they were raped by Church officials. But remember. It’s really the devil that’s doing it.

5. Robert Kennedy Jr. spreads false, malicious rumor in the Huff Po – The media has wised up to the anti-vaxxers, so the only source willing to take them is the Huffington Post due to its total lack of anything that could even remotely be considered by anyone on planet Earth as journalist standards. So now the anti-vaxxers got their man, RFK Jr. to push their libelous accusations about Dr. Poul Thorsen. Of course not a single word of it has any basis in fact. But then again, when have the anti-vaxxers or the Huffington Post ever care about facts?

But here’s one interesting story posted at the Huff Po:

6. Buying ghosts in a bottle – I have to at least give credit to the scammers for creativity. And it’s nice to see such witty skepticism expressed in the MSNBC clip embedded on the page.

7. PZ Myers eats your god with vegemite:

Time once again to play ‘Guess the Bigots!”

March 8, 2010

Okay, here’s how the game works. I give you two clips, one showing a group of bigots and the other showing ordinary, every day, charitable Christians. And then it’s up to you to “Guess the Bigots!

First up:

And now let’s see the other clip:

Times up. Have you guessed the bigots?

What’s that? You guessed the second clip?

Ooo! Sorry. It was the first clip. The second clip was just good, charitable Catholics. They really are such amazing givers, aren’t they, you know, as long as you’re not a fag.

But I hope you enjoy this lovely parting gift, “Guess the Bigots:  Home Edition.”

Wyoming school district against tolerance posters

January 31, 2010

A Wyoming school district pulled down a bunch of posters promoting tolerance, which is a concept they don’t tolerate in Wheatland – It seems that because one of the sponsors listed on the poster is the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado, that’s just unacceptable:

“The board thought it was inappropriate to have that sponsorship hanging up in the school,” said Stuart Nelson, the district’s superintendent.

The banners, which had been allowed by district administrators, were removed after complaints. Some students asked to have them put back up, but the board refused.

Apparently, offensiveness only goes one way, the fascist way.

Joe Fabian, another board member, said he believes the Anti-Defamation League is pushing an “agenda that is pro-gay marriage” and that the community of Wheatland is not supportive of that.

“No Place For Hate” –Of course! How could I have missed all that evil gay propaganda? Tolerance is the gateway drug to destroying the other 50% of marriages that wouldn’t otherwise end in divorce. It all makes sense now! MORON!!!

Christians For An Intolerant World

April 18, 2009

god-hates-signsRemember that unintentionally hilarious “Storm” commercial created by the National Organization for Marriage — which was mocked mercilessly on Colbert among many others.

Well now some church in Illinois has their own propaganda video making the same ludicrous claims that “the homosexual agenda” is oppressing them. And do you think they’d stoop as low as to actually compare themselves to blacks having to sit in the back of the bus? In the immortal words of Sarah Palin:  “You betcha!”

Now to be perfectly honest, I’m not a big fan of this whole “Day of Silence” thing either, but not because it promotes tolerance for gay people. My issue is that if you’re going to have a designated day to promote tolerance for gays, then schools should be encouraged to invite guest speakers or address these issues in the curricula. But encouraging students to show their support by being silent actually disrupts their education and singles out students on both sides of the issue, leading to further potential antagonism. And what of the students who do support the cause but still wish to participate in class? Why should they have to choose 1 or the other? It’s just an ill-conceived plan, in my humble opinion.

Tony48219 kills atheist YouTuber and self

April 13, 2009

Infamous fundamentalist YouTuber Tony48219 was involved in a Murder Suicide in a Detroit University on Friday. He shot and killed 20-year-old student and YouTube user Asia McGowen in a classroom before turning the gun on himself. He allegedly made a video in the empty classroom prior to this incident.

The VenomFangX & Tony48219 show:

In light of the recent tragedy involving Tony and Asia McGowen, a very
important question for Shawn aka “VenomFangX” is asked at the end of this video:

It’s not a game, Shawn. What you say on the internet has real world consequences.

A message from Asia McGowan:

My thoughts go out to the families of both victims.

Steve Harvey: Anti-atheist bigot

March 31, 2009

i_dont_want_youWatch starting at the 5:57 mark:

And the transcript:

You need to get into some personal stuff: What’s his relationship with his mom? How does he feel about children? Does he have a relationship with God?

You sitting up there talking to a dude and he tells you he’s an atheist, you need to pack it up and go home. You talking to a person who don’t believe in God… what’s his moral barometer? Where’s it at? It’s nowhere. You gotta get into this stuff.

What a fucktard! He is actually saying that 15% of America has no morals at all. What’s amazing to me is that this kind of blatant bigotry is so acceptable in our society. Stating that a whole group of people has no morals is, by my standards, a far greater insult than if someone had called him a nigger or called a gay man a faggot. This ignorant fool has no understanding of human psychology at all and yet presumes to call himself a “relationship experts.” What a joke.