Psychic Sally exposed as a fraud

October 12, 2011


Back in the 80’s, James Randi exposed “faith healer” Peter Popoff as a charlatan on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It seemed that Popoff was being fed information about his audience by his wife through an earpiece. When Randi and company found the right frequency, they managed to record Popoff’s wife feeding her husband everything he needed to know to appear as though “God” was directing him to the specific person he was to “heal.”

The earpiece has been a common tactic for those pseudo-psychic mentalists who are just too lazy to cold read and just want to have everything they need to know spoon-fed to them. Now  one such lazy “psychic” is Psychic Sally Morgan, who is clearly spotted in HER OWN VIDEO removing a hidden earpiece at the end of her act.

Of course, coward that she is, she’s actually threatening her accusers with legal action. I for one hope she does. It will be very entertaining listening to her try to prove her magic powers in court…which of course she would have to do in a defamation suit because, among other requirements, defamation cases demand that the defendants’ accusations are actually false. She’d also have to prove the defendants knowingly lied. Good luck with that, Sally. It doesn’t take a psychic to figure out that her threats of legal action are empty and that, if carried out, would only end in embarrassing defeat for her.

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News From Around The Blogosphere 7.14.10

July 14, 2010

1. Atheist group provides one page guide to becoming psychic – When the Humanist Association of Ottawa heard about a local event called “The Psychic Experience” where an alleged “psychic” named Matthew Stapley was to be performing the classic John Edward-like “talking to the dead” routine, they decided to take action. They went to the event and passed out a very simple 1-page pamphlet entitled “How To Be A Psychic” (PDF here), where they explain the most common Cold Reading techniques. And it’s great that they made it available online for others to use.

2. My less skeptical cousin Chupacabra turns up again – Yeah, it’s got to be him because they describe him as being very ugly. And yeah, he always was the ugly one in the family. And he’s definitely not sexy:

Legend states that the beast would attack goats and suck their blood. Think of them as a less sexy version of “Twilight”‘s infamous vampire Edward Cullen.

Yeah, I always though Chupacabra would be more popular if he sparkled in sunlight.

3. hits another one out of the park – I love They have some of the funniest and most informative articles around. And these days they tend to mostly produce very good skeptical content. And this lasted list from them is no exception, The 6 Most Misguided Causes Ever Made Famous by Celebrities. I’m particularly happy with the number one choice, Jenny McCarthy.

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2 leading psychics’ cold readings that are full of fail

April 30, 2010

Two of the world’s leading grief rapists fail miserably in their games of 20 questions:

Now I’ve only done one cold reading in my life, in the comments section of this very blog:

Don’t waste time for Rosemary. I’ll do it. Your mother says she’s in a wonderful place. She loves you and she knows how much you love her. She wants me to acknowledge a piece of jewelry you wear and/or old photograph you keep framed by your bed that reminds you of her. Oh, and I’m getting a what looks like either the letter J or the letter M that is somehow associated with your mother.

And that one was free on account that, like Rosemary, I have no actual psychic powers.

And I was given very high marks:

I appreciate the free reading. I realize you make no claims as does Sylvia Browne so it means a lot. Ever since I lost her in 1976 I have always wanted a reading, but never trusted a pychic enough to pay for one.

My mother’s name was Jane, so you got the “J” right. There were two “M’s” in her maiden name, and her sister’s name was Marian, in fact. My Aunt Marian was also like a mother to me.

I thought you got the rest wrong at first glance but had to think about it.
I do have a framed picture by my bed near it, kind of next to it, and have all of her old jewelry but don’t think I wear any of it regularly. The jewelry is also next to my bed.

If you get any other feelings I would welcome more.

I am extremely psychic, have predicted that someone was going to die and when, and they did. Very disturbing and haunting. Not much of a gift but more of a curse.

I don’t channel from dead people but I can read live people pretty well. I can see things other people don’t. I can take an initial dislike to someone and see a vision where something isn’t right. I have had dreams come true and predicted at least one disaster through a dream. Dreamt people died and actually heard a news broadcast before George Wallace was shot that he was shot then came home and heard the same broadcast, although it was real that time.

Thanks. I look more to hearing from you.


Praise from Caesar.

So I have a 100% accuracy rate, so clearly I’m a better psychic than both John Edward and James Van Praagh. It’s statistical fact. Suck it, bitches!