News From Around The Blogosphere 4.30.10

April 30, 2010

1. Atheist who won Ray Comfort’s hand-made vest uses it to promote rationalism – A few weeks ago, Ray “The Banana Man” Comfort made a video advertising that he’d made a vest that we wanted to give away to atheists. It was his latest desperate stunt to get attention. Now an atheist has won the vest and found a very awesome way to use it to promote a good cause. She’s auctioning it off an eBay and giving most of the proceeds to Foundation Beyond Belief! Thanks Ray!

2. ‘Psychic healers’  scam people out of $62,000

“They basically were able to convince the victim that some money she had gotten was cursed money and that somehow that curse had transferred to other money that she had,” said Chicago police Detective Milorad Sofrenovic of the Grand Central area. “They told her that in order to be able to remove this curse, they needed to take this money physically to a shrine in Indiana and with prayers drive the curse from the money.”

Damn that cooties!

For the last time, it's Sea-man!

3. Fake rabbi tricks women into thinking his semen is holy – The story I remember the most from The Decameron was the tale of the priest who teaching a woman how to put the devil back into the Hell. By devil he meant his penis. And by hell, he meant her vagina. This story is a lot lot like that only its a guy pretending to be a rabbi and he convinced women that his semen could heal body and soul. And of course he could pass this holy power to them through touch and by cleansing their bodies. And of course they bought it. Of course, had he not used religion to lure them into a false sense of blind trust, this probably never would have happened. Silly rabbi. Tricks are for kids. But where can I find women this gullible?

Hand of God or just a big rock?

April 27, 2009

Paul Grayhek has found God. . .or at least God’s hand anyway. . .or at least a freakin’ rock that the gullible are willing to believe is the hand of God enough to pay money just for the rights to the rock (whatever the hell that means).

Grayhek discovered a pattern in the rocks in his backyard. . .a miraculous pattern. Now instead of recognizing that this is just pareidolia of the mind, he’s claiming a 9-foot tall imprint in the rocks is none other than the hand print of God.

And you can tell this has really touched his soul in a very profound way by how he’s decided to put “the rights” to it up for auction on eBay, which everyone knows is the place to auction off truly amazing artifacts. With 3 days left in the auction, the current highest bid is a whopping $250.

There are so many ridiculous things in this story. The first ridiculous thing is the fact that someone actually thinks that this pattern in the rocks is a miracle from God. The second is the fact that this guy isn’t actually auctioning off the rock itself, but merely the “rights” to the rock (whatever that means). And the third is that people out there are stupid enough to buy it.

There’s so much I could say about the blackhole of stupid here but I prefer to get to the question I know is on everyone’s mind. Yes, God’s apparently got smaller hands than Dr. Manhattan, and you know what they say about gods with small hands, right?

I also estimate that God’s foot probably isn’t as big as that of the statue on Lost: