Fox: The unlikely home of godless heathens

March 30, 2009

Dr. House on atheism:

This week’s episode of Family Guy, which mocks Kirk Cameron’s evangelism and prominently features a plotline in which Brian Griffin is persecuted for his atheism can be seen here, on Hulu, a site the show’s creator Seth MacFarlane can currently be seen advertising in an amusing commercial that pokes fun at David Icke believers.

Further, The God Delusion was also featured in this season’s premiere episode of Family Guy

And a few weeks ago, Family Guy pissed off the hate group the American Family Association for “promoting the gay agenda”
and here.

Family Guy – Cosmos For Rednecks:

Adam Carolla and Seth MacFarlane talk Religion and their Atheism:

Christopher Hitchens references Family Guy:


AFA wants you to watch Family Guy

March 26, 2009

The bigots at the American Family Association are not too happy with Family Guy. Now they’ve launched a fatwa against the cartoon:

Fox’s ‘Family Guy’ goes too far; file a complaint with the FCC

File an official complaint with the FCC against the FOX network and your local FOX affiliate station.

March 25, 2009

On March 8, Fox network aired Family Guy, a perverted and sickening program, into the homes of millions of Americans. This episode was rated TV-14 DLSV by FOX, meaning that in the network’s opinion it was appropriate for 14-year olds. It aired during prime-time.

The content of this program was so explicit that I can’t even begin to describe it here.

Click here to watch these scenes or read our detailed review. WARNING: These scenes taken from the Fox program Family Guy are highly offensive.

Even more offensive is Fox’s view of Christianity. At a “straight” meeting, the speaker talks to gays about Jesus and tells them, “He [Jesus] hates many people, but none more than homosexuals.
” Incidentally, Pepsico helped sponsor this program (

You really cannot get the full effect of the show’s portrayal of Christianity without watching the video or reading our review. You will hear the tone and sarcasm very clearly.

The FCC has a duty to enforce the law and fine Fox for this sickening violation of broadcast decency standards. In addition, your local FOX network affiliate did not have to air this episode. Obviously, they do not care about your local community standards.

It must be so horrible to be so insecure that your beliefs can be so threatened by cartoon show. Sucks to be them.