The Mark – my directorial debut

August 14, 2011

Last week, I posted a short film I wrote. And in that post, I promised to put up another short that I recently directed.

This is the award for making it into the TOP TEN in the Asian American International Film Festival’s 72-hour Shootout. The short film, The Mark, is my directorial debut (not including little films I made in grad school). It was written, shot, and edited all in the span of 72 hours and made it into the top ten out of fifty entries:

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Face of Jesus appears in the least likely place

August 3, 2011

A few months ago, I teased that I’d been working on a skeptically-themed short film project I’d written that I promised I’d post here. Well, it’s finally online for all to see:

I also recently finished directing another short with a slight skeptical bent to it for a 72-hour film festival (the entire film was produced from conception to post-production in 72 hours). That film is in serious running for the top prize at the festival and will go online shortly after the night of the festival in a few weeks. So I plan to post that video here as well when I can.

And if you can share this video, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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