This Week In God 8.10.11

August 10, 2011

1. Three great blogs moving – PZ Myers’ blog, Pharyngula, has moved from Scienceblogs to freethoughtblogs. Though he still posts some of his material at the old site, I’m not crazy about this move because because freethoughtblogs seems more atheist-focused whereas scienceblogs at least gives the impression of Pharyngula being more science-focused, regardless of whether the actual emphasis changes or not. Hermant Mehta has also moved his Friendly Atheist blog to Patheos, a site hosting blogs from many different religious and spiritual perspectives. I think this one was a good move because it gives Mehta’s atheist blog a great opportunity to gain readers among the religious, and this could possibly change some people’s views about atheism. And lastly, blogger Greta Christina will be soon moving her blog to freethoughtblogs. I’m fairly neutral about this because she’s already got a strong atheist readership, so I don’t expect much change one way or the other in terms of her readership.

2. Speaking of PZ Myers, he too has now publicly taken a position on the American Atheists’ lawsuit over the “9/11 Cross.” It seems that even that nasty militant atheist that Jeff Wagg today (I think quite unfairly) called the “FoxNews of atheism” in a tweet agrees with me that it’s just not worth the effort and that we’ve got bigger fish to fry:

I can understand that in principle it’s promoting religion, and I look at that random chunk of steel that forms a crude cross and can see that it is abysmally stupid to consider it a holy relic, but man, if atheists have to police every single act of stupidity committed by the human race, we’re going to get very, very tired. We need to pick our battles better, and this one is just plain pointless.

3. Stephen Hawking’s Curiosity refutes god on Discover Channel – You can watch the whole first installment at the link above…at least for now.

4. Jonathan T. Pararajasingham follows up his videos of 100 academics explaining their atheism with a 25-minute video of 20 academics and theologians explaining why they believe in god. The former is a wonderful collection of brilliant thinkers making intelligent arguments in favor of atheism while the latter is a depressing example of how motivated reasoning can poison the minds of otherwise intelligent people, causing them to make the most asinine and incoherent arguments to defend their indefensible faith.

5. Evolution wins out in Texas – Okay, I’m very late on this story. So sue me. The Texas Board of Education has unanimously come down on the side of evolution in a 14-0 vote, approving scientifically accurate high school biology textbook supplements from established mainstream publishers, rejecting the creationist-backed supplements from International Databases, LLC.

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This week in god 11.17.10

November 18, 2010

Author’s Note: Though it wasn’t intentional, I discovered all these stories on The Friendly Atheist blog, so really this post is just drawing attention to several important stories that Hemant Mehta and his co-bloggers already reported. Sorry.

1. Tony Danza tells a priest to shove it – Well, okay. Not quite. Biographer Philip Carlo, a close friend of Danza’s recently died. At the funeral, the priest performing the service decided to talk more about Jesus than about the deceased. So Danza was all, “Ey oh, oh ey!” Actually, it was more like this:

“Tony, who was one of Carlo’s closest friends, walked right up to the priest and said angrily, Excuse me, but this is not about you. It’s supposed to be about my friend, and if you can’t do that, maybe you should let someone else speak!’

Good for Tony! I remember attending the funeral service for someone I went to high school with and being really upset that the deceased was hardly even mentioned in the service, which was exploited to celebrate Jesus. And I wasn’t even close to the deceased. So I can imagine how I’d feel if it were for a close friend’s service. If it had been, I’d like to think I’d tell off the guy too.

2. Atheists & Christians unite for forest restoration – I’m always a big fan of these charity projects where atheists work with the religious. If I were running an atheist or secular organization, I’d be pushing to do more of it. Not only does make a positive difference in the world but it can easily draw positive media attention to the organization while promoting tolerance at the same time. It’s win-win.

3. Anne Frank is in Hell – An interesting discussion about the inevitable logical conclusions of many Christian’s beliefs that Christians try to avoid like the plague. So often Christian evangelicals declare all who don’t follow Jesus, particularly not the exact way they do, are hell bound while anyone can be “saved” no matter what their crimes on Earth are if they repent. I often point out that under this system, that would mean six million Holocaust victims are in Hell while many of their Nazi oppressors could have made it to Heaven. Christians typically respond by bending over backwards to rewrite their dogma using tortured logic to make it more consistent with secular morality.  They do the same when presented with the question of whether it would be morally acceptable to lie to protect Anne Frank hiding in your attic from Nazis who come to your door looking for Jews after the Christians have already stated that even telling a single lie makes you deserving of Hell. Anne Frank makes for a superb example when demonstrating the absurdity of many Christian views about morality.

4. Battling Comfort with kindness – Possibly inspired by the Rally to Restore Sanity, one atheist group found a fun way to protest the preaching of hateful Jesus freaks, by killing them with kindness. They held up signs like “I’m an atheist but religious people are cool too!” and “You’re not going to hell. However you’re not going to heaven either!” as well as wearing t-shirts that said “Smile! :) You just met an atheist.” I don’t necessarily think this is the only approach atheists should take but it does still have the effect of highlighting the irrationality and hatefullness of the religious while displaying atheism in a positive light, so kudos.

Wishing I was in Vegas right now

July 11, 2010

This weekend almost every atheist and skeptical big name you can think of is in Las Vegas. From all over the world, they’ve converged on The Amazing Meeting 8 (TAM8), a several day long conference celebrating all things skepticism. It’s gotten bigger every year. Last year’s TAM7 surpassed 1000 attendees. This year I hear it’s got 1300.

I’ve never been to a TAM and this was supposed to be the year I started attending. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do it this year though. However, I vow to attend TAM9 next year. Until then though, I’ll have to settle for The Friendly Atheist‘s Live-Blogging descriptions of the entire conference, thus far found here, here, here, here, and here.

UPDATE 7.11.10 – and here’s the link to the Live blog from the last day of TAM8.

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Mr. Mehta Goes to Washington

June 27, 2009

Chalk this up as yet another thing that simply would have never happened during the Bush Administration. The White House Office of Public Engagement called the Friendly Atheist to discuss possible collaborations with the Secular Student Alliance (SSA). That is un-fucking-believable! Great job everyone!

And speaking of the Secular Student Alliance, please help Ashley, aka Healthy Addict, raise money for the SSA: