Fox: The unlikely home of godless heathens

March 30, 2009

Dr. House on atheism:

This week’s episode of Family Guy, which mocks Kirk Cameron’s evangelism and prominently features a plotline in which Brian Griffin is persecuted for his atheism can be seen here, on Hulu, a site the show’s creator Seth MacFarlane can currently be seen advertising in an amusing commercial that pokes fun at David Icke believers.

Further, The God Delusion was also featured in this season’s premiere episode of Family Guy

And a few weeks ago, Family Guy pissed off the hate group the American Family Association for “promoting the gay agenda”
and here.

Family Guy – Cosmos For Rednecks:

Adam Carolla and Seth MacFarlane talk Religion and their Atheism:

Christopher Hitchens references Family Guy:


Dr. House debunks Oscar the death cat

March 19, 2009

A while back I remember hearing a family friend describe an unusual news item about a cat at a nursing home that the staff believed correctly predicted that particular patients were about to die. And while I didn’t necessarily know what the true explanation was, I was fairly confident there was a more rational explanation than a psychic death cat.

But this week, Dr. House solved the mystery of Oscar the death cat at least within the fictional world of the drama series House. It might not be the exact solution to the real life case of the alleged psychic cat, Oscar, but it will hopefully get people thinking about all the possibly simpler explanations that might have explained Oscar’s seemingly psychic abilities.

Follow the link above if you don’t mind having the episode of House spoiled.

And I’m a particular fan of the actor who portrays Dr. House, Hugh Laurie because he doesn’t shy away from admitting he’s both an atheist and a skeptic of the supernatural:

News From Around The Blogosphere 9.16.08

September 17, 2008

Royal Society says NO to creationism – A few days ago I blogged about Michael Reiss, who seemed to advocate for the teaching of creationism in the UK. Well, now Reiss has resigned from his position as the director of education of the Royal Society

“The Royal Society’s position is that creationism has no scientific basis and should not be part of the science curriculum However, if a young person raises creationism in a science class, teachers should be in a position to explain why evolution is a sound scientific theory and why creationism is not, in any way, scientific.”

Richard Dawkins surprisingly defends Reiss, arguing that Reiss was merely trying to show creationists respect while still disagreeing with them. Though I guess I belong to the same camp as Dawkins in that we don’t think creationists deserve our respect. Of course, the creationists took no time before exploiting this incident to promote their propaganda.

Apparently mildly insulting The Pope in song warrants death threats now – Protestant pastor Clemens Bittlinger is also a musician and well, his latest song didn’t go over too well with The Pope so now he needs armed protection to avoid the Catholic fatwa against him. I guess Islam and Catholicism aren’t that different after all. So what did he say that warrants these death threats? According to the Telegraph:

The song’s title is ‘Oh man, Benedikt, a walk with the Pope’, and asks “two or three questions because there’s a lot I don’t understand”.

“Why do you revile other Christians?” its lyrics ask. “Why are you openly looking for a fight, saying: Yours is not a church…. You ban condoms, even for the poor of this world. So you encourage the spread of AIDS even if you do not like it. Meanwhile you abandon limbo for babies who haven’t been baptised. Did you seriously believe that the Lord had something like that in the first place?”

Did McCain actually call planetarium spending foolish?

Knowing vs. Believing

Is the 4 Minute Exercise Machine a waste of time, space, money . . . and anything else you can think of? – It’s hard to believe that a product bought by Tom Cruise and John Travolta wouldn’t work. [rolling eyes]

The Case For “The Case For . . .” Books – Funny satire mocking Christian apologist Lee Strobel and his infinite number of books he’s written with titles beginning with “The Case For . .. ”

Dr. House and Atheism

The serious harm caused by arguably the most peaceful religion in the world – A 17-year-old Jainist girl starved herself for 34 days straight. Remarkably, she survived. What’s also remarkable is how fantastically stupid she, her parents, and the entire Jainist community was for allowing this insanity to occur in the first place.

Greta Christina’s Top 10 Reasons for not believing in god part 2

Does the Brain Electrical Oscillations Signature test know when you’re lying?


How Memories Are Made, And Recalled – “For the first time, scientists at UCLA and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have recorded individual brain cells in the act of calling up a memory, thus revealing where in the brain a specific memory is stored and how the brain is able to recreate it.”

Oldest Living Lineage Of Ants Found In Amazon – “A new species of blind, subterranean, predatory ant discovered in the Amazon rainforest by University of Texas at Austin evolutionary biologist Christian Rabeling is likely a descendant of the very first ants to evolve . . . Ants evolved over 120 million years ago from wasp ancestors. They probably evolved quickly into many different lineages, with ants specializing to lives in the soil, leaf-litter or trees, or becoming generalists.”