Another Ex-Scientologist blows the whistle

September 9, 2010

Jefferson Hawkins joined $cientology in 1967. And he defected in 2003. And as you can imagine, that 40 years has given him quite a story to tell. And now he’s telling it in his new book, Counterfeit Dreams. And Hawkins wasn’t just anyone. He was the one who came up with the idea for the Dianetics “volcano” commercial among others, and ironically played a major role in a resurgence of the book’s popularity in the 1980s.

And now, like so many high-ranking $cientologists who actively played a major role in the cult’s PR, he’s coming forward and exposing the deception he himself was a part of. He also says that despite the cult’s insistence that they’ve got millions of followers around the world, the number of active members is probably closer to 50,000.

Let’s help make Counterfeit Dreams more successful than Dianetics ever was.

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Scientology – The Steven Fishman Deposition

June 20, 2010

These days, thanks largely to the creators of South Park, many people around the world know Scientology’s Xenu story. I’d always heard that it was in the 90s that the story was originally leaked to the public, before the Time Magazine cover story titled “Cult of Greed,” but I didn’t know the circumstances until now. I also didn’t know there was a video from back then of a former $cientologist spilling the beans about all sorts of cult craziness until now.

Steven Fishman was a former member of the cult. After he was arrested over a fraud scheme, many suspected he hadn’t acted alone and that he was actually operating under orders by the cult itself. During that case, Fishman included $cientology’s secret documents explaining the whole Operating Thetan level material that the “Church” no longer denies is accurate. Of course, the “Church” decided to cut their losses though and throw Fishman under the proverbial bus.

But Fishman also provided one hell of a deposition, one that led his lawyer to think the best option was to plead insanity. It’s great stuff. And it’s criminal that this video isn’t as famous as the South Park clip or Tom Cruise’s infamous “Tom Cruise on Tom Cruise, Scientologist” award show video because this is some of the craziest shit you’ll ever see in your life. While Fishman was a former member, at the time this video was made, he was still a true believer who believed himself to have been the father of Jesus Christ and that his mission was to destroy Christianity and all other religions. It’s funny how Tom Cruise never mentioned that part, huh.

This is what $cientology doesn’t want you to know. So enjoy and pass this around to everyone you know. Let’s make this viral!

Here’s part one:

Now as nuts as that was, that wasn’t even close to how out there this guy is. You can watch the whole thing here.

News From Around The Blogosphere 5.18.10

May 19, 2010

1. Daughter of $cientology’s Australian president speaks out – Yet another child of a major player in $cientology is an outspoken critic of the cult, Scarlett Hanna, the only child of Vicki Dunstan, president of the Church of Scientology in Australia, and Mark Hanna, a former Asian/Pacific director of public affairs for the church. She grew up in the former Cadet Org, which allegedly was preparing children for eventual recruitment in the Sea Org.

“The best way I can describe it is cattle,” Ms Hanna said of their treatment. We were property of the organisation.”

. . .

She claims children of Sea Org members rarely had contact with their parents, lived in separate homes and were granted only 20 minutes each night with their parents.

2. Gay couple convicted of ‘unnatural acts’ – Steven Monjeza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20, have been in jail since December in the Southern African country of Malawi. Ever since the day after their engagement party. Their only crime is being gay.

Religion's latest victim

3. 15-year-old Jehovah’s Witness dies after refusing blood transfusion – Yup, just another day for religion. So next time someone tells you about all the good done in the name of religion, remind them about Joshua McAuley, one of countless victims of religious ignorance.

4. Thousands flock to Vatican to back pope over abuse – Yay child rape!! If this story doesn’t demonstrate the evil of religion, then nothing ever will. Here are thousands of people who are quite literally showing their support for child rapists and those who protect them from prosecution because they refuse to accept the fact that their church is responsible for unspeakable human atrocities. This really is the ultimate Milgram authority experiment. If they can justify at least half a million child rapes, what else are these people capable of justifying?

5. Dark Horse releases atheist superhero comic – Move over, S.H.I.E.L.D. There’s a new acronym saving the day in comic books, S.H.O.O.T. That stands for the Secular Humanist Occult Obliteration Taskforce. I must admit that I don’t really get the concept. It’s an atheist team who fight demons and ghosts, etc. that they don’t believe in, but appear to exist anyway. If they’re fighting them, why wouldn’t they believe in them? Are the monsters they face supposed to be physical manifestations of someone’s imagination or something?

News From Around The Blogosphere 4.21.10

April 22, 2010

1. Russia bans $cientology material – Perhaps taking a cue from the Germans, Russia is cracking down on beliefs it considers detrimental to society and have now banned books and recordings by L. Ron Hubbard a court determined to be extremist. Russia has already banned some texts by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

2. 60 Minutes applies hardcore skepticism to bring down bogus stem cell quack – Lawrence Stowe is a con man with no real medical credentials who has scammed ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease patients out of money with promises of bogus stem cell cures. I am very proud of 60 Minutes for setting up and airing this sting operation in all its uncomfortable glory.What’s really shameful is that every news organization isn’t doing this sort of thing all the time.

3. Oklahoma proposes new insane abortion bill – The bill would allow doctors to withhold test results showing fetal defects and require women to answer intrusive questions.

Another devastating week for Scientology…and it’s only Monday

March 29, 2010

Tonight Anderson Cooper began his week-long expose on $cientology, Scientology: A history of violence. Last year saw a series of exposes on the cult from the local California news on KESQ-TV but those were only about 10 minutes each night. And of course the St. Petersburg Times in Florida has been running a long series of reports for the last several months. But now we’re talking about CNN! And not only that but each installment of Cooper’s series will be hours long.

Additionally, Cooper’s savvy enough to put the focus in the right place, less on all the Xenu stuff and more on the actual reported abuses. The reason this is important is that many people have already heard at least a little bit about the Xenu stuff and a lot of religious moderates and liberals have started to be turned off by the mockery of $cientologists’ “beliefs,” naively thinking the issue is just about a weird, goofy religion. It’s not. $cientology is not a religion and bares virtually no resemblance to one. Alleged $cientology churches look remarkably like office buildings inside and out and no actual prayer or meditation takes place in their “churches. ” $cientology is more of a multi-level marketing scheme that figured out long ago that they can get away with a lot more by wearing the costume of religion. But whenever being a religion is inconvenient such as when religious people accuse them of being anti-Christian or whatever, then they conveniently switch their tactics and insist that it’s all just a self-help program and that members are free to be both $cientologists AND Christians, etc.

But the real story about $cientology is not a religion gone wild (I know. It’s redundant). No, the real story is the slave labor and child labor that goes on in the Sea Org, the psychology denialism, the bogus medical treatments, the disconnection policies, the mind control tactics, the nearly forced abortions, the cruel and unusual punishments to enforce discipline, the whole Orwellian nature of the cult.

And not only will all this including interviews with former members be seen in living rooms across the country (and by tomorrow around the world via the internet) but as I’ve reported before an anti-$cientologist film is getting big press in Germany, where the cult is officially regarded as a criminal organization. In response, $cientology has rather amusingly announced their plans to make a rival film.

But something tells me they won’t be hiring J.D. Shapiro to write the script. Shapiro was the unfortunate individual responsible for writing the origin screenplay for Battlefield Earth. Shapiro, possibly the only non-$cientologist involved in the film, now apologizes for the film and humorously recounts how he got involved in the project, his weird experiences with members of the cult, how he got fired from the project, and how he had little to do with the most objectionable parts of the film. Also included is the transcript of the speech he gave when he bravely accepted the Razzie award for the film.

Oh yeah, and the AP has picked up the story about Marc and Claire Headley’s lawsuit against against $cientology over the treatment they received in the Sea Org.

All this pretty much guarantees that this will be in the hall of fame of worst weeks in the cult’s history.

Scientology vs. everybody

March 28, 2010

Not since Eminem have I seen one party with so many enemies. After decades of pissing off almost everyone now they’ll incur the wrath of Anderson Cooper. CNN has announced Thursday that it will debut the first of Cooper’s four part series – “Scientology:  A History of Violence” on Monday. This series will primarily focus on the recent string of accusations from former members of physical abuse that took place during their time in the Sea Org.

Cooper says he’s already fielded e-mails from church members “complaining about the series, and accusing me of attacking the church, its beliefs, its membership, and its activities.” (He added: “Given that the emails are all very similar in content, I assume this is some sort of organized email campaign.”)

No shock there. A source at CNN tells me: “We have heard from their lawyers.”

And $cientology isn’t the only one who can file lawsuits. Former members Marc and Claire Headley of the Sea Org are suing the cult on charges of slave labor. And these aren’t lower ranking members but people who literally devoted their life for decades to “the church.”

And another high-ranking former Sea Org member in New Zealand, Aaron Saxton, is continuing to speak out and reveal the truth about this mysterious paramilitary force known as the Sea Org.

It seems that $cientology is it’s own worst enemy. It’s an ouroboros swallowing its own tail.

Australian Vaccination Network linked to Scientology?

March 25, 2010

AVN leader Meryl Dorey

It appears that not only is the Australian Vaccination Network anti-vaccine and anti-medicine in general but possibly also L. Ron Hubbard-worshiping cultists.

It’s unclear at this time precisely how large their connection is to $cientology but one thing that is certain is that they’re selling on their website propaganda produced by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), one of the many well-known $cientology front group, which now openly admits their $cientology affiliation.

Specifically, their selling the “documentary” Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging. Here’s what their website says about it:

Psychotropic drugs. Its the story of big money- drugs that fuel a $330 billion psychiatric industry, without a single cure. The cost in human terms is even greater- these drugs now kill an estimated 42 000 people every year. And the death count keeps rising.

Containing more that 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health experts, the families of victims and the survivors themselves, this riveting documentary rips the mask off psychotropic drugging and exposes a brutal but well-entrenched money-making machine.


  • Psychiatry’s Drug Push
  • Disease Mongering
  • The Experiment
  • Peddling To Prescribers
  • Pitching to the Public
  • Side Effects
  • Psychiatry’s Prescription for Violence. This graphic video reveals the disturbing truth behind the wave of violence devastating our homes, shcools and communities.
  • Sounds an awful lot like that other CCHR produced “documentary” Psychiatry: Industry of Death (also the name of their “museum” of alleged mental health atrocities throughout history caused by those evil psychiatrists) :

    To see the rest of that “documentary” [snicker] click here. And you can watch a series of videos debunking that “documentary” here.

    Whether this means that $cientology’s influence over the AVN reaches the very top or if this is just an example of two different cults uniting against their mutual enemy, science, I don’t know. But when $cientology is your ideological ally, you’re in big trouble.

    This is the true face of the anti-vaccine movement, the one they desperately try to hide when the cameras are rolling so that they can pass as rational by insisting all they want are safer vaccines. No, what you want is the tear down all of medical science and replace it with your own nonsense. And this is why you and your friends the $cientologists will be destroyed.

    Is Kristie Alley’s new weight loss plan a Scientology trap?

    March 16, 2010

    Yup, Kristie Alley has forsaken Jenny Craig and is now promoting a brand new weight loss plan. I’m sure that it must work because Kristie Alley would never promote a weight loss plan that didn’t and she has such a great track record for these sorts of things. Which is obvious since she’s still fat to this very day.

    Kristie Alley after "successful" weight loss plan

    The very fact that she’s now promoting a new weight loss plan should speak volumes of how successful Jenny Craig was in the long-term and, for that matter, how successful any weight loss plan other than simple calorie restriction (the only scientifically proven method) is in the long-term.

    But anyway, as clearly unreliable as Alleys’ weight loss endorsements have already proven (which didn’t stop Oprah from letting Alley use her show to promote), let’s take a look at this “Organic Liaison.”

    Anonymous have found links between Organic Liaison LLC and Scientology — the firm’s accountant, Saul B Lipson, is a known Scientologist whose company is approved by the church and based near its headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. Along with utter quacks like Hollywood mystical doctor Soram Khalsa, the board features Michelle Seward, an active Scientologist.

    While this is not enough to support Anonymous’ claim that money from Organic Liaison will be channeled directly into the church, it does lend credence to the assertion that the program itself is, to some extent, based on a Scientology plan called the purification rundown. This was prescribed by L. Ron Hubbard himself, but criticized for being at best bullshit that claims to detox through vitamins, minerals, drinking vegetable oil and sitting in saunas, and at worst dangerous.

    . . .

    Organic Liaison offers to combine an organic food diet with “organic and natural diet supplements that replenish your body with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients without the pangs of starvation or cravings you may have felt on other diet plans.”

    It’s certainly priced like a Scientology scam. Membership costs $10 per month, or $89 for a year, and the package of supplements, called Rescue Me, is a whopping $139 per month. One you’ve ordered the kit, it auto-ships and bills your card again every month until you stop it. The kit contains three supplements, Rescue Me (claimed detox and appetite suppresser), Release Me (claimed relaxant) and Nightingale (claimed sleep aid), featuring many cheaply-available vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and aids like vitamin C, folic acid, L-Tryptophan, fiber, green tea, calcium and magnesium.

    The company also offers other supplements — notably Relieve Me, an anti-constipation supplement that Anonymous claim is related to Cal-Mag, a noxious-sounding dietary liquid developed by Hubbard that contains calcium, magnesium, vinegar and hot water. And that led some of those church members forced to drink it to, um, relieve themselves.

    The evidence, while suggestive, is by no means conclusive. What is safe to say is that thousands, millions even, of people will be over-paying for unproven herbal supplements combined with a common-sense diet.

    But how could they be jamming us. . .if they don’t know we’re coming? Yeah, I smell trap.

    Former high-ranking $cientology explains why high-ranking $cientologists are usually giant fat-asses:

    News From Around The Blogosphere 2.23.10

    February 24, 2010

    1. Protein study shows Evolutionary link between plants and animals

    Inserting a human protein important in cancer development was able to revive dying plants, showing an evolutionary link between plants and humans and possibly making it easier to study the protein’s function in cancer development, a Purdue University study has shown.

    And yet millions of creationists are still unimpressed. Go figure.

    2. Mouse with human liver aids research –

    How do you study-and try to cure in the laboratory-an infection that only humans can get? A team led by Salk Institute researchers does it by generating a mouse with an almost completely human liver. This “humanized” mouse is susceptible to human liver infections and responds to human drug treatments, providing a new way to test novel therapies for debilitating human liver diseases and other diseases with liver involvement such as malaria.

    Just in case you needed another reason to want to punch anti-animal-testing extremists in the face.

    3. Steve Novella gives the 411 on the Bloom Box – After it being featured on this week’s 60 Minutes, I too was interested in finding out more about this Bloom Box and whether it really was as impressive a solution for clean energy as it seemed on the show.

    4. $cientology hires reporters to investigate the St. Petersburg Times – For those who don’t know the St. Petersburg Times has over the past several months become one of $cientology’s worst enemies, doing the kind of in depth investigative reporting on the evil cult that every other news outlet should have been doing decades ago. Now the $cientology is out for blood and has gotten three veteran journalists to try and investigate the paper’s conduct:

    While the journalists have promised an independent review, the Times has refused to cooperate, saying their work will be used to fuel the church’s ongoing campaign against the Florida paper.

    “I ultimately couldn’t take this request very seriously because it’s a study bought and paid for by the Church of Scientology,” says Executive Editor Neil Brown. “Candidly,” he adds, “I was surprised and disappointed that journalists who I understand to have an extensive background in investigative reporting would think it’s appropriate to ask me or our news organization to talk about that reporting while (a) it’s ongoing, and (b) while they’re being paid to ask these questions by the very subjects of our reporting.”

    . . .

    Church spokesman Tommy Davis says that he recently received the approximately 20-page study and that it will not necessarily be made public. It was commissioned, he says, because “we wanted to get an outside view” of the situation. Davis, who would not disclose how much the reporters were paid, calls the report highly critical of the Times stories on the church.


    The names of those journalists who sold their souls to $cientology are: Russell Carollo, Christopher Szechenyi, and Steve Weinberg.

    5. Judge Judy vs. creationism, anti-choicers, anti-stem cell researchers, and “fundie” politicians –

    Ex-Scientologists speak out in CFI press conference

    February 14, 2010

    Yesterday, the L.A. branch of the Center For Inquiry held a press conference in which multiple former members of $cientology spoke out about the cult’s abuses. And of course when asked to comment, Tommy Davis gave all the standard lines about how he doesn’t know what any of these people are talking about, that they’re making it all up to get attention, and that people should check $cientology out themselves to find out. Riiight. And you shouldn’t knock being shot in the head until you’ve tried it either. The one interesting thing about Davis’ response was that he admitted that employees are not paid and are “volunteers,” precisely what one former member at the press conference (as well as many others over the years) claimed was part of the manipulation that the cult uses to avoid paying its employees. But no one has the right to volunteer themselves into slavery.