News From Around The Blogosphere 5.11.11

May 11, 2011

1. Indians pissed that Hindu goddess appears on skimpy swimsuit – And while I do enjoy me a good blasphemy story, the only real reason I’m posting this is for an excuse to post the pictures of the sexy model in the swimsuit. Now I know what their gods need with all those hands.

2. T-Minus ten shopping days till the Rapture! – Richard Dawkins has perhaps given the best public response in the news media yet to the completely idiotic Harold Camping prediction that the Rapture will occur on May 21, chastising the Washington Post within its own pages for even having the audacity to report on it as if it were real news. And perhaps on a related note, May is Zombie Awareness Month!

3. Simpsons’ actress Nancy Cartwright brings Scientology program to Springfield schools – Cartwright is the voice of Bart Simpson. She’s also a crazy as fuck Scientologist who’s now pushing a learning program based on the unsupported ideas of non-educator L. Ron Hubbard on the students of Springfield, Illinois.

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News From Around The Blogosphere 3.3.10

March 4, 2010

1. Atheist Pete Stark replaces Rep. Rangel as Chair of House Ways and Means Committee – Although it’s not necessarily a permanent seat, this is a big deal as this is one of the most powerful committees in Congress and has jurisdiction over taxes, Social Security, unemployment benefits, and Medicare.

2. Science journalists give creationists another easy target – Last year there was much publicity surrounding a certain alleged “missing link” fossil that was found even though there’s no such thing as a “missing link” and the whole concept is over a century out of date. And really, the find wasn’t even very significant, though I admit that for a few hours even I was fooled by the media hype into thinking that it was. Well it gave even more fuel to the creationists and now they’re going to get even more as this once media hyped “missing link” may not even be a human ancestor at all.

Speaking of hype. . .

3. An atheist is accused of insulting religion in John Lennon Airpoirt in Liverpool – I like how Blair Scott summed this up on his Facebook page:

Basically, he is being accused of blasphemy. How are his fliers any more offensive than religious tracts? No vandalism was committed and nothing was destroyed. He left papers in the prayer room. The fact that his jurors swore on the Bible should be automatic grounds for a mistrial if his lawyer is any good.

I don’t think he could get a mistrial over the Bibles in court but everything else there I agree with. The guy’s being punished for doing what we all know religious people get away with all the time in John Lennon Airport of all places. Imagine that.

4. Eight-limbed Indian boy needs a doctor to remove parasite – You just can’t improve on that headline. But how dare the Telegraph not posting a picture of young Deepak Paswaan.He was born with the arms, legs, and butt of his parasitic twin protruding from his chest. That alone entitles him to membership in the X-Men.

Of course religion has to stick its ugly nose in this. Some think it’s intelligent design while others think it’s the work of the devil:

Some people see eight-limbed Deepak Paswaan as the reincarnation of the Hindu god Lakshmi, but to others he is the devil.

The worshippers bring offerings of money and flower garlands to the seven-year-old in his village of Bihar, in north-east India, but the more sinister throw stones at the little boy in a bid to remove the devil from his tiny body.

Yes, it’s clearly the devil’s most diabolical plan to date.